XP system cannot uninstall USB device what to do?

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XP system cannot uninstall USB device what to do?

Programme I:

1, complete the operation of U disk data, close the corresponding program. Return to the My Computer window and open a drive for folder operation (except for the USB U disk).

2, and then click on the taskbar in the U disk icon, then will pop up safely delete U disk dialog box, click "OK" button will be able to pull the U disk from the computer down.

If in this case still cannot uninstall U disk and other devices, then you need to suspect:

A, check whether there are procedures to occupy the resources of U disk. such as music players, media files and some of the software installed in the U disk. You can use Unlocker and other software to remove these resources, and then uninstall the U disk can be removed.

b, check whether there is a virus in U disk, resulting in the use of system resources, which can not download normally. Recommend the use of antivirus software designated U disk path, and its overall scan to remove the virus on U disk impact.

Programme II:

1, the U disk plug into the USB interface, and then select "My Computer" → "Properties" → "hardware" → Device Manager → "disk drive", find the U disk project, open the U disk's "Properties" dialog box, switch to the Policy tab, select the "Optimize for quick deletion" radio button, click OK.

2, so that when the next use of U disk, as long as the completion of data operations, you can directly pull the USB disk from the interface.

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