XP system caused by improper operation can not be shut down automatically how to solve

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XP system caused by improper operation can not be shut down automatically how to solve


1, computer hardware caused by the cause. The motherboard BIOS is not very well supported ACPI, it is recommended to upgrade the BIOS of the motherboard, generally can be resolved. The power of the computer is not good enough to cause the shutdown to be normal. It is recommended to change a good quality power supply.

2, computer software caused by the cause. Check the Bootlog.txt file. The records listed below may result in computer shutdown failure, can be based on their own computer in the boot packing directory in the Bootlog.txt shown in the situation, find out why: Terminate=query Drivers driver Problems terminate=unload Network cannot load Network driver conflicts terminate=reset display video card settings or display card driver problems terminate=rit a sound card or some old mouse driver and timer problems terminate=win32 Some 32-bit applications lock system threads

3, check the Advanced Power Management (APM): Open the Start | "Settings" | "Control Panel" | "System", and then click Device Manager. Expand System Devices | Advanced Power Management, click the Settings option, and remove the check mark before the "Force APM mode" is used. If you can shut down properly after restarting your computer, the problem may be due to APM, which should turn off advanced power management features.

4, disable fast shutdown: Point "start" | "Run" menu, enter "msconfig" in the Command box and click "OK", this time the "System Configuration Utility" window appears. Click on the "General" page, and then click on the "Advanced" option, which appears in the Advanced Troubleshooting Settings window, to select the "Disable Fast shutdown" selection box. If the computer shuts down correctly, there is a problem with the fast shutdown.

5, check is not shutdown when the application has been closed. If it is not turned off, you can close all applications. Because some applications may not shut down properly, the system does not end the application properly, causing a failure.

6, when you use the IE5 or later version of the Internet to note that they still occupy a large number of system resources after exiting, usually make the system less than 80% of the available resources, after which running other software is very easy to error, it is likely to cause the system can not be soft shutdown.

7, some software at the end, may be done because of some of the operation of the system data or files have an impact on the system can not shut down normally. This situation differs from the poor design of software, which may be detrimental to the system itself and sometimes to multitasking. Although Windows XP has multitasking features, some large software can easily cause failures when multitasking, such as illegal operation, blue screen failure, and panic. The problem with this inability to shut down is usually not available the next time the computer is powered on.

8, some program bugs or some 16-bit software may also damage the system data or files in memory. Memory-resident software can also cause conflicts, causing system shutdown exceptions. It's not easy to find software that has such a problem, select "Start" * "program" * "Attachment" * "System Tools" * "System Information" to open the Microsoft System Information dialog box and select Tools * System Configuration Utility to set up allow or disable "start" Multiple programs that reside in Windows XP. Other problematic applications can only find their drawbacks during long periods of use in order to avoid errors in time.

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