XP system QQ Landing not on how to do

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XP system QQ landing not on how to do

1, check whether the network interruption, to see if our computer networking, whether with the network interruption, casually open a Web page, or log on to other networking software to try to log in, you can also check our desktop at the bottom of the local link state whether there is a problem (if it is a network problem, Then please unplug the cable interface and plug it, you can also use the 360 security guards to provide the "broken nets first aid box" repair, really do not call your network provider to solve the problem);

2, anti-virus software to the computer, you can use 360 antivirus or Baidu anti-virus software to the computer to do an anti-virus treatment, processing and then landing again after our QQ try;

3, shut down the computer firewall, into the computer Control Panel, the firewall closed, the firewall opened the words will also affect QQ can not login;

4, Reload QQ, the original QQ uninstall, and clean up all the remaining documents, and then download and install the latest version of QQ can;

5, if the above methods are used, or can not login QQ, then please call Tencent QQ Customer service staff to help you solve;

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