XP system under the printer print text appears garbled how to solve

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XP system under the printer print text appears garbled how to solve

1, in the left of the program to select Control Panel, open the window, double-click the "Font" icon (in the Open dialog box to ensure that the printer is properly installed). The picture appears in the bottom row, the second one.

2, if the printed font is not installed, you can choose "File f (in the upper left corner of the window)", open the Subordinate column, select the "Install new fonts" option, in the open "Add Font" dialog box to select the path to the font, you can install the font.

3, double-click the selected font icon, in the Open dialog box, click the "Print" button to see the output of the printed results are normal. For example, you use Song, look at the picture below. If the font is not turned on properly, it may be corrupted and the font will be reinstalled.

4, at this time you can use a different font, the selected file to print, you can confirm the problem of fonts. Look at the image below to select a different font. For example, select the "bold" font. Repeat the steps above to see if you can print in bold. Printable is the problem with the font.

5, if still not printable, can do the following 3 points.

1 You can print different documents in the same font to determine if there is a problem with the document.

2 use a different application to print in the same font, you can confirm whether it is an application problem.

3 Check if the problem is caused by a system spool or if there is a problem with the print driver.

In fact, most of the situation is the "font" problem, generally in the fourth step has been effective.

6, after the exclusion of all cases, you can reprint, if the four steps to solve the problem, the five steps do not have to do. This method will be able to solve the print file fonts appear garbled.

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