XP system under the wireless mouse can not move what is going on?

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XP system under the wireless mouse can not move what is going on?

1, the surface of the mouse imaging is not compatible with the phenomenon

When the user moves the mouse, the pointer on the screen is motionless or moving intermittently. In this case, it is likely that the mouse engine will not be able to capture the details of what the user is currently using on the surface to allow the mouse to locate. In fact, this part of the surface is not compatible with the phenomenon, is a common problem, whether the optical mouse or laser mouse, it is possible to appear this phenomenon.

Solution: Just put the mouse on the other surface, such as white paper or trouser legs to use on it.

2, the computer memory consumption too much cause the mouse does not move

Computer memory consumption too much cause the mouse is a relatively common problem. When the computer runs too many programs, it is very easy to have this failure.

3, the driver conflict caused the mouse can not move

Another common problem with the mouse not moving is caused by a mouse-driven conflict. Users can open the Control Panel Device Manager, see the mouse device appears yellow exclamation mark, you can determine that the cause of the conflict caused by the mouse is not moving. This problem causes more complex, such as installation software, virus destruction, for most ordinary users, facing this problem, the most convenient response is to reinstall the system.

4, the computer virus

Mouse suddenly fixed the problem, there is a common computer poisoning, the proposed use of anti-virus software to carry out the overall killing virus.

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