XP,32/64 bit WIN7,32/64 bit WIN10 system "Computer City Edition"

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With the release of Windows 10Build 10074 Insider Preview, there is reason to believe that Win10 is not far from the final RTM phase. It seems that earlier rumors of the partners revealed that Microsoft will officially release the WIN10 at the end of July more and more like the news.
Major new features of Windows Build 10074:
• Continuous User Experience Improvement
Further optimize support for high-DPI display devices and multi-display devices;
Aero Glass effect regression
Based on a number of Windowsinsider project participants who want to see the Aeroglass effect again (that is, the translucent effect), Microsoft tried to join this feature in version 10074, but not for each user, but instead to take a similar coin-toss approach: you have 50% Chance to see the translucent Start menu and taskbar after installing version 10074.
• Tablet mode (Continuum) more improvements
Closing the application in tablet mode takes the user to the Start menu or to the Start screen (depending on the device) rather than the desktop environment. In Settings-system-tablet mode, the option to enter the tablet mode is added directly to the login.
• Multi-tasking improvements
The split screen display is smoother, and the two window sizes after the split screen can be adjusted separately. and snap assist now supports closing the application window during split-screen.
• System Sound Updates
This version of Windows 10 adds a new system sound and is the default setting.
Cortana update
Cortana is now more tightly coupled with start, and Cortana takes over and returns search results when you search for apps in start. In addition, a quick navigation bar is added to the left of Cortana, which provides direct access to several of Cortana's core features, such as notebooks, reminders, and more. In addition to UI improvements, Cortana also integrates Bing Instant answers, which you've already given when you're typing in some keywords.
• Built-in app updates
Music preview and video preview apps are updated, music gets better full-screen playback, and video supports the download and management of movies and episodes. Xbox has also been updated to add features such as Game Digital video recording (PC games), and live tile. In addition, the Xbox controller driver is integrated into the WIN10 and no additional downloads are required.
• App Store (Beta) update
The Xbox live game should work properly, and the in-app purchase function should also be normal. Store apps purchased on the Win8.1 system can now be seen from the Beta store.
• Other minor details changes
The volume adjustment changes to the horizontal slider; windowsdefender adds an option panel under Settings-Update and Security.
In-depth technology, new system, newly installed on-line ... Acclamation Acclamation

For more system downloads, go to system mom: http://www.xitongma.com/?10
XP System: Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1gdplrlL
32-bit Win7 system: http://www.xitongma.com/windows7/2015-09-09/6663.html
64-bit Win7 system: http://www.xitongma.com/windows7/2015-09-09/6665.html
32-bit Win7 Pure version: Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1dDzyYEP
64-bit Win7 pure version: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1eQhgc3w

32-bit WIN10 system: http://www.xitongma.com/windows10/2015-09-08/6661.html
64-bit WIN10 system: http://www.xitongma.com/windows10/2015-09-08/6662.html
For more system downloads, go to system mom: http://www.xitongma.com/?10

XP,32/64 bit WIN7,32/64 bit WIN10 system "Computer City Edition"

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