Xshell Connection CentOS 7.2 Display Chinese garbled problem solving method

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Using a USB flash drive to the Windows host, Linux host files or often, but sometimes the file name is in Chinese,

To the Linux machine will be garbled, the choice is also very troublesome, recently just met, write down the solution.



cat /etc/redhat-7.2. 1511 (Core) [[email protected]echo  $LANGen _us. UTF-8[[email protected]

Windows Xshell


TXT file is used xftp directly from Windows dragged over, on the Linux machine display garbled.

[[Email protected] ~]# lltotal801272-RW-------.1Root root996Dec the  the: Aboutanaconda-KS.CFGDRWXR-xr-x.6Root root -Dec +  -: -cmake-3.7.1-linux-x86_64-rw-r--r--.1Root root30679418Dec +  -: -cmake-3.7.1-linux-x86_64.Tar. GZDRWXR-xr-x.4Root root inDec +  .: thellvm-src-rw-r--r--.1Root root779956643Jan1  -: +Llvm-src.Tar. GZDRWXR-xr-x.8  +  +      4096TheTen   -Vim74-rw-r--r--.1Root root9843297Dec +  to:Genevavim-7.4.Tar. bz2-rw-r--r--.1Root root975JanTen  .: on??????? Regexp.txt[[email protected]-base ~]#


In general, this problem is the encoding character set of the file, the shell coded character set, the Xshell coded character set mismatch, the matching is possible.

Interim measures

1) Simplified Chinese Windows generally use the GB character set, where Xshell is set to GBK


Linux hosts

[Email protected] ~]# export lang=ZH_CN.GBK

Try again, you can display Chinese normally.

[[Email protected] ~]# ll Total dosage801272-RW-------.1Root root996December the  the: Aboutanaconda-KS.CFGDRWXR-xr-x.6Root root -December +  -: -cmake-3.7.1-linux-x86_64-rw-r--r--.1Root root30679418December +  -: -cmake-3.7.1-linux-x86_64.Tar. GZDRWXR-xr-x.4Root root inDecember +  .: thellvm-src-rw-r--r--.1Root root779956643January1  -: +Llvm-src.Tar. GZDRWXR-xr-x.8  +  +      4096AugustTen  -Vim74-rw-r--r--.1Root root9843297December +  to:Genevavim-7.4.Tar. bz2-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 975 January  : regexp.txt practice 

However, the above settings are only valid for the current shell connection, and the newly opened shell is still in the original settings.

Permanent effect

1) Xshell Property settings

2) Linux environment variable settings

[Email protected] ~]# Vim/etc/profile

Append at end


You can do it.

However...... I found that the USB stick inserted on the Linux machine still does not correctly recognize the Chinese directory, the Chinese file

There are other strange, that is, when mounting a USB stick set the next character sets

Mount -o iocharset=gbk/dev/sdb4/mnt

This setting is generally almost solved.

However, this operation caused the import of Xxx.sql file when the database Chinese garbled problem, pending research ...

Xshell Connection CentOS 7.2 Display Chinese garbled problem solving method

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