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Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. In front of you to talk about the SEO diagnosis of the three aspects of the false son rain: SEO diagnostic Report site positioning analysis, "Xu Zi rain: SEO diagnostic report of the SITE keyword analysis" "Xu Zi yu: SEO diagnostic Report site code, URL and link structure analysis", are roughly talking about their own views, For SEO diagnosis, if you want to come up with a specific plan there are many places we need to pay attention to. Today I'm going to talk to you about another three aspects of the SEO Diagnostic Report: Site code, URL, and link structure analysis.

We all know that a website is good or bad, sometimes and the site's code, URL, link structure are very big relationship, a simple beautiful site will certainly be able to give the search engine good impression, concise static URL can get search engine crawl, link structure rationality can improve user experience. Below I will give you a specific introduction to these three aspects of our SEO optimization requirements.

  1. Website Code Analysis

For the language of the site code, search engine in fact, no special requirements, so we are using PHP, or ASP, will not affect the search engine included, but if the code used to do the site is more concise, then this site is very good, of course, also requires us to make the site to do beautiful, Pay more attention to the user experience degree. I have encountered a website to do is very good, a small enterprise station, inside basically the enterprise station needs the function to realize, but its homepage code only one screen, the beautiful degree is also better, this website ranking is very good, has been first. So my most direct understanding of the site code is concise, a lot of time when we talk about optimizing code is to eliminate redundant code, which can not only eliminate the burden of the page, to reduce noise, but also to optimize the effect.

In addition, we need to pay attention to the Web site inside the use of the label, the common tiltle,meta,h1-h6,alt,b, such as the use of tags, as for these uses I do not say, in these tags it is best to layout a number of keywords, to increase the weight of keywords. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of Robots.txt files, and whether to adopt div+css layout. Basically we do this to complete the analysis of the code, do a good job in this part of the SEO diagnostics.

  2, Website URL analysis

For the URL, a lot of friends have done a detailed introduction, but chasing its root I endure for the analysis of the URL can not escape four aspects: length, level, static and structure. Here is a brief discussion of your own opinion:

A, the length of the URL should not be too long, this is common sense, because too long is not conducive to aesthetic and user experience, users browse the time to see a messy link may feel that the site is a mess, and too long links easily mistaken, this point and the site's domain name is the same, to try to select a short.

B, the level of the URL, in general, we for small sites URL level is at most in the 3 layer, a slightly larger site will be between the 4-5 layer, which is also said to search engine crawling and user experience, the level is too deep, each user needs to spend a lot of time, which is not conducive to our transformation, Search engines also do not like to crawl, not conducive to optimization.

C, url Static, generally speaking, we'd better make the site static, or pseudo static, because it is included in the site, the user experience, the weight of the site, the beauty of the site is very good.

D, the URL structure actually includes the level of the URL, here I mainly from the URL inside the form of expression inside, if we are doing foreign markets, for and URLs at all levels of the name suggested using English, for domestic, we can choose English, but also can choose Pinyin, this depending on the situation.

For the URL my understanding is very simple, but may also be the most basic, do SEO diagnosis we can not do without the basis of the inspection, so do a good job of these four aspects of the URL to do a good job.

  3, Website link structure analysis

Site link structure is actually said that we are inside the site to create a link network, here we are the site link requirements are site navigation is reasonable, in general, we'd better do breadcrumbs navigation settings, there is the site internal link construction, because the enterprise accounted for more, So for the link construction requirements is more emphasis on the internal link chain look back, so that the home page weight higher than other pages, and finally must do a good job of relevance link analysis, because these links for the relevance of our site to improve the long tail keyword ranking is very helpful, well done in fact very simple, is in the other article page appears related keywords time can add this keyword related page link, each other recommendation, completes the experience, also completes the link structure.

SEO Diagnostic Report is a definitely work, because there are a lot of details need our consideration, I am a person's thinking may not do so well, I hope we can correct. The friend who wants to communicate with me can add my qq:843745641. This article by Xu Zi Rain, Beijing Little Swan washing Machine Repair (http://www.xtefw.com) network series published, Welcome to reprint, reprint, please keep this link, thank you for your cooperation!

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