XUtils3 environment construction and xutils3 Environment Construction

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XUtils3 environment construction and xutils3 Environment Construction

XUtils3 Environment Construction

Environment Building Trilogy



Author Xiu Yuxuan Chen
You have created a project using andorid Studio.

And you need to use xutils 3.0.x


Part 1: Resource download

Download the latest version from github.


Decompress the package

View the extracted content ,:

Add the xutils file to the project file. (note the directory structure of the file) add all the files to the project root directory. For example, my project is called "yixueyuan"

Step 2:

In the xutils directory, view the build. gradle file as follows:

Make the build. gradle version under xutils consistent with the version under the app directory, as shown below:

Add xutils to setting. gradle in the project, for example:

Finally, add the following in build. gradl:

Dependencies {
Classpath 'com. android. tools. build: gradle: 1.3.0'
Classpath 'com. jfrog. bintray. gradle: gradle-bintray-plugin: 8080'
Classpath 'com. github. dcendents: android-maven-gradle-plugin: 1.3'
// NOTE: Do not place your application dependencies here; they belong
// In the individual module build. gradle files


Sync Now Synchronization

After a long wait, you can use it.

Part 3: Use xutils

After the first two steps, the xutils environment has been configured. The following describes how to use xutils.

Create your own Application: and overwrite the OnCreate () method of the application,

public void onCreate()
     x.Ext.init(this);// xutils init ...


Used in the application tag of AndroidManifest. xml

Android: name = <Application Path...>

Okay, okey ~~~

The environment has been set up ~~~~~~




In fact, other class libraries can be added in this way.


Buy one get one: Next section describes how to use xutil3.

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