Yahoo bookmarks use the symfony framework of PHP

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The experience of Yahoo bookmarks using the symfony framework of PHP tells us that machines are more effective than humans in the face of large data volumes-Question


Yahoo! The beta version of the bookmarks has been released. Click here.


According to Michael Salisbury, Yahoo technical engineer, Yahoo bookmarks are developed using the symfony framework. The reasons for choosing symfony are as follows:

    • Comprehensive Development Documentation
    • Clear, intuitive, and scalable configurations
    • DevelopmentCommunityActive
    • A large number of excellent ready-made components

Michael Salisbury puts good development documents at the top. It can be seen that there is no good documentation in today's increasingly fierce open-source framework competition, or, as in the past few years, the market for selling documents and technical support similar to JBoss is decreasing.

Michael Salisbury also stressed that another advantage of symfony is that a good configuration mechanism is not only reflected in background control, but also very powerful in front-end interface and localization.

Yahoo bookmarks took 12 people/month and started development in middle June this year. Now we have tens of millions of users in 12 languages. High efficiency.

Point Other:

I recently learned that csdn has also developed a bookmarkdonefile system. After using it, I feel that it is okay. Although no 365key has been used in a day, it is a work of Zeng denggao. I believe that the csdn bookmarks will certainly be upgraded in all aspects.

No. Summing up my experience in Internet use over the past few years, my favorite bookmarks have never been used, and I seldom read others' bookmarks. Because the search engine can quickly find what you need and read other people's bookmarks, it will only produce a feeling that there is a lot of good content, but it has no actual impact on yourself. For content providers, it is very valuable for users to vote with their feet (click the mouse. Bookmarks and tags are similar in nature. They are used for classification and naturally have their own needs. However, content providers should not pass the labor of classification to users or rely entirely on users to complete classification. Csdn blog's recent attempts to automatically generate tags and related blogs are worth learning from. Of course, Qihoo did this early.

Original article: Yahoo bookmark use symfony framwork

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