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Some people jokingly: "One into the accounting deep like the sea, from this holiday is passers-by." In particular, at the end of the year, the company responsible for the financial staff is working overtime every day busy reconciliation, checkout, wages, bonuses, reimbursement and many other matters, in a variety of statements, forms and back to the "through." How to achieve accurate digital, content complete, fast and efficient completion of these cumbersome statements? This article to share the skillful use of WPS table to improve the efficiency of the method.

The first recruit: The number generates renminbi capital

The end of the checkout will often use the renminbi capital, "one, the other, three, the restaurant, Wu, Lu, QI, BA, nine, pick, Bai, Qian, million" if a type input, not only inefficient and error prone. In fact, the use of WPS form only through a simple two-step settings, you can directly convert the number into renminbi capital.

Select the number you want to convert, right-click to set cell format, pop-up window and click the "Number" tab, select "Special" in "category"-"renminbi capital", and finally click "OK" to get it done!

Renminbi capitalization conversion

The second trick: Use the function to automatically judge the quarter

At the end of the year to summarize a variety of reports, the collation of a lot of data only date, how can the rapid sorting by quarter? This requires a lookup formula to help.

Open the table, select "Formula"--"Insert Function", enter the formula: =lookup (MONTH (reference date), {1,4,7,10},{"Q1", "Q2", "Q3", "Q4"}), that is, you can determine the date of the quarter, rapid classification.

Quarterly Judgment

The third recruit: "Duplicate item" function

In the face of a large number of data, there will inevitably be input errors, duplication of the situation. In order to improve efficiency, all the WPS 2012 "duplicates" function to automatically handle it. First, select the rows and columns that you want to check in the table, and then click Data-Duplicates-highlight duplicates in the menu bar, and then click OK, and the same data in the table will be marked in orange, allowing us to make a clear view of the duplicate data. After checking, delete all duplicates at once, click Data-Duplicates-delete duplicates in the menu bar, and click OK.

Set up a repeat computer tutorial

Delete duplicate

WPS Office contains the user's daily application required wps text (corresponding to Word), WPS table (corresponding to Excel), WPS Demo (corresponding to PowerPoint) three functional modules, with Microsoft Office 2003-2010 depth compatibility.

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