[Yi fei] simple process daily, yi fei process daily

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[Yi fei] simple process daily, yi fei process daily

For various reasons, the company's senior management is reluctant to use the process management system. However, the statistical process is poor in the actual process.

Because the process is relatively fixed. Write it out by yourself.

1. Write a simple Entry Program

Data Source ERP, which is input by the team lead and QC of each production line.

2. statistical charts of various processes;

3. The daily report line chart does not directly add data display

Dynamic Column Display (vertically arranged according to any date range)

4. The monthly report data is being prepared.

The ERP trigger of Yifei exceeds the maximum number of nested layers of stored procedures, functions, triggers, or views (the maximum number of layers is 32)

A typical recursive call. Your trigger is to execute insert and update on [dbo]. [ACPTB]
And the update dbo. ACPTB in the trigger must update the table again, which is obviously recursive.

How can I perform this operation if I enable location management?

Cost opening is a complicated process; all the operational processes and data in the early stage must meet the requirements of the cost-effective system;
I remember that, in, I had prepared a three-month process sorting and data cleaning before successfully opening the cost module. The general process is:
1. Cost Accounting provides the unit cost of all materials;
2. Open a bill to add the inventory cost;
3. strictly control the purchase amount. The strict control ticket is consistent with the actual operation;
4. settlement costs and inventory carry-over during the monthly settlement process;

What are the actual requirements for enabling location management?

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