YII2.0 installation tutorial, database configuration front and back [version 2.0]

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1. First download yii-advanced-app-2.0.6.tgz

2. Unzip to the D:\WAMP\WWW\YII2 directory and cut all files in the directory advanced to D:\wamp\www\yii2

3. Open cmd, switch to current directory

4. Run the Init.bat file and prompt for the installation version

5. Enter Yes, then install

6. You can now open your browser: Enter http://localhost:8080/yii2/

7. Click frontend "Web" To view the successful installation

8. Next we start to configure the database, first in the current directory to find common "config" main-local.php

9. Open main-local.php to modify, change yii2advanced to your own database, my new Yii2;

10. Open cmd to switch to root D:\wamp\www\yii2, enter: Yii.bat migrate (meaning to create a data table for migrate), where a user table is created by default

11. Open your local database after successful creation, my Yii2,user table is created by default

12. We can switch to the background interface to see the input Url:http://localhost:8080/yii2/backend/web

13. How do I log in or register? All right, open the front desk. Click Signup to register, such as Demo

14. Open the Database user table for viewing

15. OK, the installation is successful, YII2 experience Exchange can qq:281493779

YII2.0 installation tutorial, database configuration front and back [version 2.0]

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