YMP framework learning notes (iii) ------ processor, controller, interceptor

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I. Processors

1. Event Processor

Add webeventhandler. Java class and inherit iwebeventhandler

public class WebEventHandler implements IWebEventHandler {public void onInitialized() {}public void onRequestReceived(IRequestContext context) {}public void onRequestCompleted(IRequestContext context) {}public void onDestroyed() {}public void onStartup(ServletContextEvent event) {}public void onShutdown(ServletContextEvent event) {}public void onSessionCreated(HttpSessionEvent event) {}public void onSessionDestroyed(HttpSessionEvent event) {}public void onRequestInitialized(ServletRequestEvent event) {}public void onRequestDestroyed(ServletRequestEvent event) {}}

2. Exception Processor

Add class errorhandler. Java and inherit iweberrorhandler

public class WebErrorHandler implements IWebErrorHandler {public void onError(Throwable e) {}public IView onConvention(String requestMapping) {return null;}public IView onValidation(Set<ValidateResult> results) {return null;}}

3. Modify the ymp-conf.properties and add related configurations


Note: In the ymp-conf.properties, The YMP. module_list (module list) configuration items are as follows


Ii. Controller

1. Modify ymp-conf.properties, add controller package scan path


Create a controller package and a class Object com. Demo. Controller. democontroller

Democontroller. Java

@Controllerpublic class DemoController {@RequestMapping("hello")@RequestMethodpublic IView hello(){return new TextView("Hello,world!");}}

2. Publish to Tomcat and start it. Access it through a browser:

Http: // localhost: 8080/ympweb/Hello

3. Bind controller parameters.

Add the following code to the Controller:

@RequestMapping("/hello/sayHi")@RequestMethodpublic IView sayHi(@RequestParam String name) {    return new TextView("Hi, " + name);}

Deploy to Tomcat and start it. Access it through a browser:

Http: // localhost: 8080/ympweb/Hello/sayhi? Name = Xiaoming

4. Bind URL parameters

Add the following code to the Controller:

@RequestMapping("/hello/sayHi/{name}")@RequestMethodpublic IView sayHi2(@PathVariable String name) {    return new TextView("Hi, " + name);}

Deploy to Tomcat and start it. Access it through a browser:

Http: // localhost: 8080/ympweb/Hello/sayhi/Xiaoming

5. The controller implements parameter verification.

Add the following code to the Controller:

@RequestMapping("/valid/{name}/{age}")@RequestMethod@Validation(fullMode = true)public IView paramValidator(    @Validate({        @ValidateRule(RequriedValidator.NAME),        @ValidateRule(value = LengthValidator.NAME, params = { "min=3", "max=6" }) })    @PathVariable String name,     @Validate({        @ValidateRule(RequriedValidator.NAME),        @ValidateRule(value = NumericValidator.NAME, params = { "min=18",   "max=20" }) })    @PathVariable String age) {    return new TextView("");}

Access http: // localhost: 8080/ympweb/Hello/sayhi/Xiaoming/13 through a browser. The console throws the following exception:

16:21:39 Org. apache. catalina. core. serious standardwrappervalve invoke: servlet. service () for servlet default threw exceptionnet. ymate. platform. validation. validationexception: [{fieldname: 'age', message: 'length must be between 18 and 20'}, {fieldname: 'name', message: 'length must be between 3 and 6 '}] At net.ymate.platform.mvc.support.requestexecutor.exe cute (requestexecutor. java: 151) at net. ymate. platform. MVC. web. support. dispatchhelper. dorequestprocess (dispatchhelper. java: 119) at net. ymate. platform. MVC. web. dispatcherfilter. dofilter (dispatcherfilter. java: 92) at Org. apache. catalina. core. applicationfilterchain. internaldofilter (applicationfilterchain. java: 235) at Org. apache. catalina. core. applicationfilterchain. dofilter (applicationfilterchain. java: 206) at Org. apache. catalina. core. standardwrappervalve. invoke (standardwrappervalve. java: 233) at Org. apache. catalina. core. standardcontextvalve. invoke (standardcontextvalve. java: 191) at Org. apache. catalina. core. standardhostvalve. invoke (standardhostvalve. java: 127) at Org. apache. catalina. valves. errorreportvalve. invoke (errorreportvalve. java: 103) at Org. apache. catalina. core. standardenginevalve. invoke (standardenginevalve. java: 109) at Org. apache. catalina. connector. coyoteadapter. service (coyoteadapter. java: 293) at Org. apache. coyote. http11.http11processor. process (http11processor. java: 861) at Org. apache. coyote. http11.http11protocol $ http11connectionhandler. process (http11protocol. java: 606) at org.apache.tomcat.util.net. jioendpoint $ worker. run (jioendpoint. java: 489) at java. lang. thread. run (unknown source)

If you want to output the authentication information to the browser, you can use the onvalidation method in the weberrorhandler class. The Code is as follows:

public IView onValidation(Set<ValidateResult> results) {    StringBuilder _sb = new StringBuilder();    for (ValidateResult _result : results) {        _sb.append(_result.getMessage()).append("<br/>");    }    return new TextView(_sb.toString());}

Access through a browser again:

Iii. interceptor

1. Create an interceptor class to intercept an object older than 19 years old. The Code is as follows:

@ Beanpublic class demofilter implements ifilter {public iview dofilter (requestmeta, string Params) throws exception {INTEGER _ age = integer. parseint (stringutils. defaultifempty (string) webcontext. getcontext (). get ("Age"), "0"); If (_ age> 19) {return New textview ("age older than 19 years old, intercepted ");} return NULL ;}}

The project view is as follows:

2. Add @ filter to the paramvalidator method in the democontrol class. The modified code is as follows:

@ Requestmapping ("/valid/{name}/{age}") @ requestmethod @ validation (fullmode = true) @ filter (demofilter. class) Public iview paramvalidator (@ validate ({@ validaterule (requriedvalidator. name), @ validaterule (value = lengthvalidator. name, Params = {"min = 3", "max = 6"}) @ pathvariable string name, @ validate ({@ validaterule (requriedvalidator. name), @ validaterule (value = numericvalidator. name, Params = {"Min = 18 "," max = 20 "}) @ pathvariable string age) {return New textview (" hello, "+ name + ", you are "+ age +" years old! ");}

3. access through a browser:

After finishing, close the job!

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