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Do not know to change the title of the SEO impact of the people they are always constantly modify their own site title, in particular, SEO new friends, just started to do the site requirements of the early to optimize the keyword, good to know that the original SEO is really magic, but they are more impatient, today saw a video how to choose the keyword, I learned how to choose the less competitive keywords, hurry up and do a station, he did not think of this keyword can bring value to themselves, when they know that their choice of keyword is worthless after the beginning of the replacement of keyword title, optimized for a period of time and feel the title is not attractive and then to change, This is a rookie offense to the site of a fatal error.

Search engine and website acquaintance by title

Do not know how to change the title of the SEO impact of people they do not know how to search engine spiders and Web sites, spiders and your acquaintance have many factors, the title of the site is the most important, the equivalent of the face, if they are in the opera, today to change a face tomorrow to change a face, If the host doesn't tell everyone your name, then Tingxi people don't know who you are. Spiders are also the same, and your site contact is the first contact with the title of your site. Tell you the title is a very important part of the search engine's understanding of our site. If the regular changes, it is equal to the search engine needs to recognize us, the impact on us is quite large.

  New station change title

Every station is new to old, to do a new station is the most difficult, because to go through many of the assessment of Baidu, before doing the station we first have to use a few hours to choose keywords, to write the title of the site, remember a successful lifelong benefit, someone choose the keyword and title on the day, remember to write a comprehensive, Because a little submitted by the search engine included in the modification he will be angry even not included you. Three months of the station are new stations, new stations do not casually modify the title.

 Weight Station Change title

The website has the weight to revise the title Baidu will tolerate you, but do not change the area, when the site has the right to heavy ah, more than 6 months of the station are old station, as long as your station more than 6 months has accumulated a lot of weight, change the title premise is your site included stable and snapshot normal, such old station can be appropriately modified.

Yong-strong proposal: No special circumstances as far as possible do not modify the site title, whether the old station and the new station should not be disorderly modification. Once you modify it, you cause a damage to the site.

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