You must know your opponents on the battlefield.

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I like to read history books, especially those emperors, the idea of ancient emperors in the author seems to always be so abstruse, to understand can only understand a one-sided. The most into the author to see "The Art of War", I do not know if you have seen. Have not seen the can go to see, people say that shopping malls, such as battlefield, I think is also, the mall is a battlefield without smoke!

In the "Art of War" in the most familiar estimate is: the enemy win. The meaning is to understand the opponent can win, in the SEO also need this, network optimization competition is very fierce, sometimes we see opponents than we rank low, unavoidably complacent, sometimes see them than we do well, unavoidably heart unwilling. However, if we think about it, a good opponent is not just an example of learning?

Read the "Art of war" so wrote this article, perhaps someone has said, but this is the author of some of their own ideas!

1. Since to parse, then must have the goal, seeks the goal this to us to be simple However, puts our keyword in the search engine to enter the key. The independent website we are looking for is our opponent. Home, second page, even 10 page 20, are all we need to see. Someone said: My site ranked first. There are no rivals anymore. Oh have the idea of the webmaster certainly a few. But when we are progressing, our opponents are constantly progressing! So even if we are first, we should be like a conscientious general, to the "opponents" never slack.

2 When we determine the opponent, then we have to analyze the opponents, to examine the opponents, then we will analyze the opponents of the site, including the chain, outside the chain, snapshots and so on. Analyze what you can think of. Through the analysis of these data, we can know which way they are published in the chain, which is the form of the exchange of friends, with their own contrast where good, where bad. The conclusions of these questions are a wealth to us.

3. When we analyze the opponents, is to collect the benefits of the time, what analysis, contrast to our optimization site useful to use our website, from the station within the frame structure outside the chain and so on are able to do the place, If there are some questions or problems on our own website, we can also see how they are handled by the opponents ' website, just like the author's Ning Fang Net is not known anywhere, but recently the author's website is very reassuring when the snapshot is updated. This is the author in the analysis of Ning Room network this keyword ranking better site, especially the homepage of the site. Then on their own website to make certain details of the results of optimization, especially in the content and framework to give a lot of help. Therefore, the "opponent" in a word is to not miss any can learn a little knowledge.

4. Maybe when we finish, after learning some of the opponents of the methods of the site rankings and traffic are up, and even ranked first, but then we can not be proud of the joy, otherwise have everything will vanish. We can through these ways, for example: To do more than they are original update site content, more than they have quality outside the chain! So we can be far away from the opponents behind, of course, just left behind, because a young man is never better than the vicissitudes of life experience, so we still need to adhere to, Still need to continue to study!

Summary: It can be said that understanding how much is an important job in SEO work. Through the opponents we can see their shortcomings. But it's more about learning from your opponents that we don't know.

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