Yourkit Study notes-cpu Usage Telemetry

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1.CPU Profiling

2015/5/5 19:09:51

1.1 CPU Usage Telemetry (utilization)

CPU usage under CPU Telemetry menu can show current CPU utilization

The CPU performance mode includes three modes of sampling,tracing,call counting.

When you start monitoring Application server performance, you can control it quickly by using the CPU analysis controls:

  • Sampling mode

Periodic queries run slower code in the stack, with no number of method calls, CPU utilization.

With the sampling mode, the server has less impact, while the user can configure some CPU sampling settings on their own.

  • Tracing mode

Using tracing mode, each method of the monitored application is converted into bytecode to record its CPU consumption.
However, tracing mode has a large impact on the server.

  • Call counting

The most lightweight CPU performance analysis mode

  • Real-time monitoring results

When the monitoring is started, the call tree and method list has been recorded, in the tracing mode the invocation time and the number of calls are real-time statistics, in the sampling mode, only the call time is real-time statistics.

  • Notes

When the CPU profiling is not analyzed, it will not consume any server resources.

Yourkit Study notes-cpu Usage Telemetry

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