Yue Miao Garden Public welfare activities

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Don't want to write a derogatory word in the title,

If any friends are willing to participate in this kind of public welfare activities, can add me, I will recommend the event leader to you

Today to see a public welfare activities in Putuo District, mainly to accompany children with disabilities chat, Park walk

Next to my feeling, the first time I saw a child who was not quite the same as our normal people, around a group of such children, first shocked, then the heart aches.

These people will never live like ordinary men for a lifetime, they can only end up in an incomplete world.

We can't control the world, we can only do something for the kids in our own capacity.

We often complain at work, but sometimes we look at it from a different angle, and maybe our complaints will subside a lot.

The food was brought here by volunteers.

This kid has a muscular dystrophy disorder.

Below this child is my companion today, he suffers from autism, his world no one, although I have been talking to him, but he did not answer me, like a self-world

Original address: Yue Miao Garden Public welfare activities

Yue Miao Garden Public welfare activities

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