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I heard a story: a passenger is about to get on the plane. His air ticket and passport are in the password box, but he cannot remember the password out of the box. Similar to this passenger, some friends urgently need to open a document, but forget what the password was. To avoid such embarrassment, you must understand the password cracking methods in common documents.

  PCD Tool Spectrum

Software name: Advanced Office Password Recovery
Software Version: 3.03
Authorization method: Shared Software
Software size: 2917KB

  Office document password cracking

As the Office document password is embedded inside the file, the most common practice is to use the tool software to forcibly crack the password. The following describes several well-functional cracking software.

  (1) Advanced Office Password Recovery

Advanced Office Password Recovery is a multi-function Office document Password cracking tool that can process various common Microsoft document formats, covering 14 types from Word to Project. The software provides two methods of cracking: "brute force" and "Dictionary". If the time is sufficient and the attack policy is appropriate, Advanced Office Password Recovery (AOPR) you can retrieve your forgotten document password.

1. Cracking settings

In order to shorten the time for AOPR to crack the document password, we should estimate the composition characteristics of the password before using it, and then reasonably choose the desired cracking policy. If the password may consist of English words, names, and so on, it is best to use the "Dictionary" Method for cracking. If it is composed of letters, numbers, and other random components, the "brute force" method can be used for faster speed. To set a cracking policy, open the "recovery" tab in the AOPR window and select one of the three options under "strong encryption document cracking class.

If the password may consist of English words and names, you should select "dictionary cracking (recommended)". If you know several characters in the password, we recommend that you select "brute force cracking with a mask", open the "brute force" tab, and enter the characters in the "Mask/mask character:" box; if the password is randomly composed of letters and numbers, select brute-force cracking ". Open the "brute force" tab, select the minimum and maximum length of the password under "password length", and include the known or estimated password length; if the password is composed of lowercase English letters and numbers, select "a-z" and "0-9" under "character set". Otherwise, select the appropriate option based on the character set that constitutes the password.

If we have no idea about the composition of the password, we should open the "options" tab and select "brute-force attack Preparation", "dictionary Preparation", and "password cache Preparation. Once the cracking fails, you need to modify the original cracking settings, such as increasing the minimum and maximum length of the password range, while selecting "A-Z" and other types of character set.

Appropriate cracking strategies can achieve twice the result with half the effort

Brute-force cracking character settings

2. crack the password

The AOPR password cracking operation is very simple. Click the open file button to open the dialog box, in the "file type" drop-down list, select "all supported file types" (or the file type to be cracked), find and select the file to be cracked, click Open to start cracking the password immediately. The progress indicator at the bottom of the main interface window shows the current cracking progress.

Once AOPR finds the correct document password, the "xxx password recovery" dialog box is automatically displayed (xxx indicates the document type, you can copy the cracked password to the clipboard by clicking the button on the right of the line displaying the password (for example, "Open password in Word Document. Click "open" in the "xxx password recovery" dialog box to open the "password" dialog box of the document and press Ctrl + V to paste the password, you can use the cracked password to open the document.

Tip: After AOPR (Chinese version) is installed, the English interface is displayed. You only need to select "Chinese" in the "Language" menu to see the Simplified Chinese interface. It specifically crack various types of Microsoft document passwords and is very suitable for Microsoft's software users. Perhaps AOPR has taken into account too many 14 document formats, and its cracking speed is a little slower than the Word Password Recovery described below.

  PCD Tool Spectrum

Software name: Word Password Recovery
Software Version: 1.0L
Authorization method: Shared Software
Software size: 613KB

  (2) Word Password Recovery

Different from other software, the cracking software of Intelore is divided by objects (such as Word and Excel), and each version is charged for registration. The latest version of Word Password Recovery supports Word 2000/2002/2003 file formats. It not only provides "brute-force" (brute force) and Dictionary-based cracking methods like AOPR, it also provides a very fast "Booost-Up" cracking method. Its biggest feature is its function similar to resumable data transfer. Users can temporarily interrupt the data during the cracking process. The software will automatically remember the current location and continue to crack the data from where the data was interrupted.

1. Cracking settings

Similar to the Password used by AOPR to crack the Office document, you must estimate the composition of the Password before using Word Password Recovery, and then select your own cracking policy.

When we decide to use the "Brute force" cracking method, we should open the "brute-force" tab and select the "Enable Brute-force attack" option. Set the Password Length range under "Password length", where "Minimal length:" sets the minimum Length of the Password, and "Maximal length:" sets the maximum length of the Password. The character set used by the password must be properly set based on the Characters used by the password. If the password contains lowercase English letters and numbers, select "Digits (from '0' to '9')" and "Lowercase letters (from 'A' to 'Z')" at the same time; if the password may contain All printable characters, select "All printable symbols.

If you want to use the "Booost-Up" method, open the "Booost Up Engine" tab and select the "Enable Booost-Up attack" option. The single option under "Select Optimization Level" and "Select Acceleration Level" can be set to the default value. Users pursuing speed can Select "High" at the same time ".

If you want to use the Dictionary cracking method, open the "Dictionary" tab and select "Enable dictionary attack". You do not need to select Dictionary files.

If you select the "Enable..." option in the preceding three tabs, three attack methods are provided by the software. The "Options" tab mainly sets how long to save the cracking progress. We can use the default settings of the software.

Brute-force cracking settings for Word Password Recovery, similar to AOPR

Unique fast cracking mode


2. crack the password

The operation methods of Word Password Recovery and AOPR are basically the same. Because the software can only process one document, you can click "Open" or "Browse" in the main interface window, in the displayed dialog box, find the file to be cracked, click the OPEN button to put the file name and path in the window, and then click the Start button on the main interface to Start cracking the File Password.

When the correct Password is found in Word Password Recovery, a dialog box named "Password recovered" is displayed automatically. The Password is displayed in the "Password" line. Click "Save" to open the "Save as" dialog box and Save all information displayed in the "Password recovered" dialog box as a text file.

  PCD Tool Spectrum

Software name: Excel Password Recovery
Software Version: 1.0 K
Authorization method: Shared Software
Software size; 572KB
Tip: In addition to the above two software, Intelore also provides password cracking tools for Office documents such as Access and Outlook. Their interfaces and working methods are very similar. Interested readers can go to the http://www.intelore.com to see. Because the Intelore cracking tool is dedicated to users, it is faster than the AOPR in use. Its biggest drawback is that a type of document requires a software correspondence, which is not suitable for users of many document types.

  (3) Excel Password Recovery

Excel Password Recovery is the Excel version of Word Password Recovery. In addition to cracking an Excel file, it has the same interface, settings, and operation methods as the former, you can refer to the above introduction.

  PCD Tool Spectrum

Software name: RAR Password Recovery
Software Version: 1.1 RC16
Authorization method: Shared Software
Software size: 718KB
Compressed file password cracking

The compressed file is also a common format of interchange documents. Similar to Office documents, compressed documents are decrypted using brute-force cracking. Therefore, the use of related tools is similar to that of Office documents, we recommend that you use the RAR Password Recovery and Zip Password recommended in the "tool spectrum" on the right.

The interface and operation method are similar to the password cracking tool of the company's Office series documents.

PCD Tool Spectrum

Software name: Zip Password
Software Version: 8.1.4523
Authorization method: Shared Software
Software size: 585KB


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