Zabbix 2.4 Official Configuration manual Chinese Translation (b): What is Zabbix?

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Alexei Vladishev created the Zabbix project, is currently active in development, and Zabbix Sia provides support.

Zabbix is an enterprise-class, open-source, distributed monitoring solution.

Zabbix can monitor the status of the network and services software, Zabbix with a flexible warning notification mechanism, allowing users to configure e-mail (SMS, etc.) to notify the system administrator of any problems, so that the system administrator can quickly respond to the problem, Zabbix uses stored data to provide excellent reporting and visualization capabilities (GUI), which allows Zabbix to get an idealized plan.

Zabbix supports polling and trapping in two ways. All Zabbix reports can be accessed through the Web front-end with configuration parameters, and the Web front end will help you get your network and service situation up to speed anytime, anywhere. The Zabbix can play the role of monitoring your IT base with as much configuration as possible The role of the framework, whether you're from a small organization or a large-scale company.

Zabbix is FREE because Zabbix compiles and publishes the GPL-based V2 protocol, which means the source code is released free of charge.

Of course, Zabbix company also provides commercial technical support.

Zabbix 2.4 Official Configuration manual Chinese Translation (b): What is Zabbix?

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