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Hao Xin wrote an article before "SEOer PK graphic designer", today (2012.5.30) a whim, suddenly want to SEO industry in the two masters of the Zac also PK, from the qualifications, SEO experience, as well as a number of aspects to compare, to see who is more province-wide.

 First, education.

Fu Wei: Formerly known as Huangfenghua, University of Shandong Physics Department, graduate Beijing Normal University Physics Department complex Network Institute.

ZAC: Formerly known as Shanhui, 1992 graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Electronic Engineering Department, 1995 Peking Film Academy graduate student.

Education PK, two people are no less than the same, are famous university graduates, brand-name postgraduate students. This is a two-man tie.

  Second, SEO experience.

Zac is starting from 06 to study SEO, his "SEO every Day" also became the most popular and reprinted the Most SEO blog, the same period and a number of friends to create a joint "point stone interaction" has become a banner of SEO industry blog and forum. At the same time Zac to Singapore, China and Britain, the United States, Malaysia and other countries dozens of customers to provide network marketing consulting services. In the operation of their own website and to provide customers with consultancy services, Zac accumulated a large number of online marketing experience. As the working language is English, Zac has a unique advantage in understanding and experimenting with the latest international trends and practices in internet marketing.

Husband only the end of 07 founder Seowhy, Real fame is in 09, this year his seowhy long-term occupy SEO this word first, completely realized from silent nameless to a surprised world.

Experience PK, in this one of the PK Zac win, Zac Biff only strong in understanding technology, but also the convenience of English. In fact, as long as it is long-term attention to these two-bit seoer, can feel out, Baidu or Google as long as the SEO algorithm for a slight change, Zac can predict and respond in advance, and the husband only relative to Zac, the reaction slightly slower half beat.

 Third, brand and flow.

This one PK, the husband only victory. Although Zac's "SEO every day a stick" to visit the same number of people every day,

Take a look at the screenshot:



We should be able to see that the traffic is three times times worse.

If you are free, you can study it carefully, whether from the flow of comparison, or from the search terms of comparison, the seowhy are far beyond Zac.

In fact, rather than Zac defeat in the flow, rather than Zac defeated in the brand. What is a brand? The first place that has long occupied the search term is the brand.

There is also a forum, social media interaction, interactivity and user experience, is a simple SEO blog can not match, this is the wisdom of the husband, in the "Basic knowledge of SEO" after the people, while the fire founded the "seowhy Forum."

 Iv. social Prestige.

This point Zac win, understandable, after all, the husband only in front of Zac to shout a senior, Zac debut early, and indeed fierce, for the people also relatively low-key, at this point people admire.

  V. Training.

So far, Zac has not received personal training, Zac received training is the company team, that is, several people training, training costs around 5000 yuan. Basically turned down the student population. You know, although this cost can not be said to be very expensive, but given that 5000 dollars is basically the cost of a college year, for the average family, it is impossible to take part in the money to participate in a training.

The only way to go is the low end of the popular route, training costs 980 yuan, the average person can accept, including students. So the husband can say so: my students are full of peaches and plums all over the world. And this is also the network, gradually for him to do the publicity. At the same time he proposed: participate in the 300,000 SEO conference, attracted more people to enroll in his training.

In this one PK, the husband only wins.

Comprehensive above, the two people in addition to the personal education in a tie, in SEO technology experience, social prestige, training services, as well as the crowd attention to each other, can be said to play a tie. But Hao Xin personally think Zac compared to the husband is strong so little, may have preconceived ideas.

Author: Hao Xin

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