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Continue Zend Studio Tutorials after a series of tutorials on getting started with Zend Studio7, Zend Studio8 Chinese, Zend Studio debugging, and more. This time, I'll explain how to use Zend Studio8 SQL database resource Manager. As a powerful PHP development tool, Zend Studio provides powerful database source management and SQL statement operations to facilitate our centralized management of databases in PHP Web development, so learn to use Zend Studio to manage, develop, The way to debug a database is very helpful for PHP development. In a way, Zend Studio can also replace the functionality of some SQL database tools.

When using Zend Studio for PHP development, Zend Studio provides powerful SQL database management capabilities to support the development and debugging of more than 10 of databases, including MySQL, DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server. Let me take MySQL as an example of how Zend Studio8 manages SQL database sources.

  Zend Studio 8 SQL Database Explorer use tutorial instructions

  First step: Create the SQL connection profile, select the appropriate database

Create SQL database connection profile using Zend Studio8, select MySQL Database

  Step two: Select SQL database driver and configure MySQL login information

Select SQL database driver and configure MySQL login information

Description :

1, please choose and your MySQL database version corresponding to the MySQL driver, because I was in the PHP environment to use the Mysql5.1 version, so I chose the JDBC Mysql5.1.

2, fill in the need to Zend Studio SQL Manager management of the specific database, login password and check the save password. It is easy to ignore the modification of URL options, make sure that the database name in the URL is the same as the name in the database option, otherwise the test connection is not ping.

3, the default configuration after the end of the automatic connection to the corresponding database, you can also choose to use Zend Studio startup automatically connect to the database.

  Step three: After testing the connection, list the managed MySQL configuration summary information

Zend Studio8 Connection MySQL Configuration summary information

After these configurations, the Zend studio connection to the MySQL database configuration is complete, the following is how to use the Zend Studio8 SQL Database resource Manager to manage and manipulate the database problem.

  Zend Studio8 SQL database Source Manager Operations Database Tutorial

In fact, Zend Studio8 SQL database Source Manager operations SQL database and general use of MySQL commands or use the phpMyAdmin SQL database Tools to manage the database basically consistent.

1, the right key to join the database table, mainly has the following functions to generate DLLs, extract, load.

  Build DLL: Primarily used to generate the corresponding database table structure

  extract : To export data in a datasheet in a formatted format to an external

  load : Import the previously extracted data file into the database.

These three features are similar to using the phpMyAdmin import export functionality.

2. Left Zend Studio8 SQL Data Explorer includes import, export, SQL clipboard, create new SQL connection feature

Zend Studio8 SQL Data Resource Manager menu

  exporting : Primarily used to export previously created SQL connection configuration information as a file for easy management, and to save profile encryption by default when created

  Import : Imports the SQL connection profile primarily.

There is no doubt that the import Export feature is more convenient to use Zend Studio when encountering issues such as platform migration.

  Open SQL Scrapbook (SQL Scrapbook): You can enter SQL statements to operate on a SQL database, which provides the ability to save SQL statements, and if you want to execute the SQL statement you entered, right-click to select All execution in the menu or execute the selected text option. The SQL execution result set can be displayed as tabs or text (in the lower-right corner of the Zend Studio8 work interface)

Zend Studio SQL Scrapbook Interface

At this point, Zend Studio8 SQL database resource Manager use and Operation methods are introduced, as long as you are proficient, the use of Zend studio to develop or debug the database is very convenient.

  Note : PHP Web Development Tutorials-leapsoul.cn Copyright, reproduced in the form of links to indicate the original source and this statement, thank you.

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