ZendStudio11.0.2 cracking and localization

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: This article mainly introduces ZendStudio11.0.2 cracking and localization. if you are interested in PHP tutorials, refer to it. This method is applicable to Zend Studio 11.0.2, which is in the Test environment. Other versions are unknown.

Overwrite the file with the same name in the installation directory plugins, and start any input to register.
Http://downloads.zend.com/studio-eclipse/11.0.2/ZendStudio-11.0.2-win32.win32.x86.msi (looks like zend studio does not have windows 64-bit)
This Chinese method applies to all zend studio versions.
Choose Help menu-> Install New Software... copy this address: http://archive.eclipse.org/technology/babel/update-site/R0.10.1/juno/ in the Work with box (tip: The Last/line cannot be less)

[Enthusiastic netizens provide another fast domestic Address: http://developer.bjtu.edu.cn/eclipse/groovy/babel/update-site/r0.11.1/juno /]

After the address is copied, press enter to confirm. the pending prompt will be displayed... (Wait ...), after the process is completed, a list of multiple languages will be displayed for you to choose from. Please select the "Babel Language Packs in Chinese (Simplified)" Simplified Chinese package option. Next, select and agree, after a long wait, you will be finished, prompting you to restart zend studio.



The above introduces Zend Studio 11.0.2 cracking and localization, including some content, and hope to be helpful to friends who are interested in PHP tutorials.

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