Zeromq interface function: Zmq_unbind-stop connection to foreign requests

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Zmq_unbind (3) ØMQ Manual-ømq/4.1.0


Zmq_unbind- stop connecting to foreign requests


int zmq_unbind (voidconstchar *endpoint);


The Zmq_unbind () function will bind the socket specified by the socket parameter to the endpoint The specified endpoint is unbound.

The endpoint parameter is the parameter in the function zmq_bind (3) .

Return value

function zmq_unbind () execution successfully returns 0. Otherwise , 1is returned, and the value of errno is set to the value defined below.



Endpoint parameter is not available.


The ZMQ context associated with the socket specified by the socket parameter has been terminated.


Socket parameter is not available.


Binds a distributor socket from The TCP transport mode

1 /*Create a zmq_sub socket*/2 void*socket =zmq_socket (context, zmq_sub);3 assert (socket);4 /*Connect it to the host server001, Port 5555 using a TCP transport*/5rc = Zmq_bind (socket,"tcp://");6ASSERT (rc = =0);7 /*Disconnect from the previously connected endpoint*/8rc = Zmq_unbind (socket,"tcp://"); ASSERT (rc = =0);

See Also

Zmq_bind (3) Zmq_socket (3) ZMQ (7)


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Zeromq interface function: Zmq_unbind-stop connection to foreign requests

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