Zhang Xiaoxiang Summary of JavaScript learning stage (2) -- (X) HTML learning _ basic knowledge

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Zhang Xiaoxiang's JavaScript learning stage summary (2) -- (X) the HTML part of Zhang Xiaoxiang's JavaScript-HTML has been read over the past two days, and the focus of HTML is summarized.

When reading the two chapters of HTML, you don't have to go into it. Some are dynamic, and some are outdated (obsolete usage and syntax.

(1) The HTML version introduced in the book is HTML4.01, the final version of HTML, and XHTML is its subsequent version.

The HTML Version is developed and standardized by W3C. The W3C website is www.w3.org.

* Related website introduction http://w3china.org/It is a Chinese website dedicated to promoting the wide application of W3C technology, EN Wen poor can go there to see, there are a lot of translated documents ..

(2) The web editor used in the book is VS. NET. We recommend that you use DW8. In addition, Editplus is also a good code editor. Now it is v2.21, and the Chinese version is also available on the Internet ..

(3) The following describes a tag that is rarely used and is missing:Document Type tag, Syntax:

It defines the language in which the file will be interpreted. It is critical that the HTML, XHTML, and XML are not completely uniform. The following are two examples:

(3) Many tags in the book do not conform to the XHTML standard. Readers should not remember them. After learning XHTML, they should sum up the rules, exclude conflicts, and then back up the labels and syntax.
For example: .. In a couple of days, I will post a summary of HTML and XTHML tags on my BLOG ..

(4) The description of URL parameters, encoding, and references in the book is more detailed. This part involves the development of dynamic languages. Web programming must be viewed, there is no need to understand .. (The following form labels are also the same)

(5) There are many introductions on frame (frameset, frame, iframe) labels in the book. They can be called frame labels or frame labels (easier to understand ), I think this part is okay for the moment ..

Next This label is used in. It has one of the most practical and interesting features.

/* Enter the keywords of the web page in the keywords and separate them with commas (,) for searching the system. If you use them a few days later, you may find your home page or page again ~ HOHO ~ */

/* When this statement is added, various effects will occur when you enter the webpage, HOHO ~ Try it by yourself */
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