Zhu Wenle: The latest Black Hat SEO station Group cheating cases uncovered

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In fact, similar cases as early as in July, but the English SEO did not have time to update the blog, then the Black Hat SEO practices were analyzed, but today to write a simple analysis of the article. To be honest, these do black hat SEO technology and executive power is very admirable. But this relies on cheating way to collect fast, contains a large amount, but the survival cycle is also relatively short, once by the search engine recognition, must all K. Today to share a more typical Black Hat SEO station Group cheating cases.

We search in Baidu "Site:or.name", Baidu Show "found the number of related results 509,000" and this 50多万多级 domain name, are included in today's Day.


Why are there so many, and the rankings are not bad? Now English SEO for everyone to analyze the station group have used what cheat methods:

1. Massive multi-level domain name station Group

and the domain name to disguise, in the domain name to add www, org, gov, etc., trying to deceive search engines.

2. Sprocket Technology

The use of sprocket technology, only need to provide a spider portal, you can make spiders in a short period of time, for all multi-level domain names, and do not have to do external links. For example: Each website at the bottom immediately has 10 links.

3. Spider IP Spoofing

For the special processing of spider IP, when users visit the automatic jump, and search spiders to visit when the content of the page display.

4. Using the Noarchive label

Add noarchive tags in the Web page, you can prohibit Baidu to save the snapshot of the page, to prevent the average person through the Baidu snapshot to view the content of the original page, to avoid a lot of people report.

5. Content False Original

will be a large number of pieces of fragments cutting reorganization, generate a large number of false original articles, and will collect keywords, according to a certain rules inserted into the content.

Recently more busy, English SEO does not analyze so much, later have the time to rearrange, similar station group can also search site:org.au. Because it was an article written on the evening of July 5, this morning to see, these cases have been Baidu K dropped, I believe there will be other similar new station group will come out, because a day of mass flow, has produced enough profit space, at least than the investment is much higher, or no one ventured to do this.

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