Zi Jing 1670

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The first sex of the people is similar to Xi alike Gou does not teach sex is the way to move to teach you to Mencius evictions Virgin not learn to break loom sinus Yanshan have righteousness square teach five children name of the Yang not to raise the godfather of the strict teacher of the lazy son do not learn the appropriate young don't learn old what for Jade not cut not learn not know righteousness for the son Fang Shaoxi Pro Mentorship XI Etiquette Incense Nine age can be Winchy in the four-year-old can let pear brother Yu Changyi Prophet first filial acquaintance know a certain number of the first and 20 and the heaps and thousands of people and three to the heaven and earth person Sanko of the moon star three monarch righteousness father and son couples Shun Yue spring summer, autumn and winter this four seasons transport not poor Yue North West East this quartet should be In the water and fire wood gold soil This five-and-a-half of this wuchang can not be turbulent Rice Liang Sunn Shuji This six valley people eat horse cattle and sheep chicken ragweed This herds people feed Yue Anger Yue fear love evil desire seven emotions with pao soil leather wood stone gold silk and bamboo is octave high great-grandfather and son and Sun Zi descendants to Xuan Zengnet tribe The father and son of the couple from the brother of the brothers are gong intergenerational sequence friends and friends June Jingsen is loyal to the ten righteous people with Fan Xun must pay attention to the detailed exegesis of the text to read for scholars must have beginning elementary school end to four books the Analects of 20 group disciple Remember good words Mencius Seven article to say the moral said benevolence is Kong not easy to make university is Zeng Zi self-study qi to Mercedes filial four books cooked as six by the beginning can be read poetry Isli Spring and autumn when the emphasis has a hill there is a book three easy detailed there is a code Muyo the letter has an oath life book of the Olympics I Zhou six official body size wearing ceremony description of the holy words of the ritual music prepared Yue Yue Song of the four poems when the poem The combination of the spring and autumn in the negative and good and bad three people have Rams have TSO have Guliangzhuan by the Ming Fang read the son pinch it to remember the five children have Yang Yang neutron and old Zhuang through the son read through the history of the descent from Xi farmers to the Yellow Emperor San Huang Habitat Tangyou The second emperor Ibo the Xiayou called Tangzhou Home World 400 Move Shariton Daxia 600 to King Zhou died King Wu King Zhou 800 load the most long week of the East Tsunahachi fall Sword still lobbying beginning spring and autumn end Warring states five strong seven male out win Qin's first merger II Chu Han dispute Gauzuchenham industry built to Kohei Wang Mang for the Eastern Han Dynasty 400 years finally offered wuxing The Three Kingdoms to Jin dynasties song Qi Liang for the Southern dynasties are jinling North Yuan Wei Yuwenzhou and high Qi descend to the Sui a soil Yu no longer transmission of the Tanggaozu Uprising Division in addition to the Sui Chong Country base 20 300 beam out of the country is changed Liang Tangjin and Hanzhou said five dynasties have Yutine song by Zhou Chan 18 north-south mixed Liao and Gold is Emperor Yuan to kill gold paying maps 90 years in advance generation XII Waste Emperor Guo Ming, the Hongwu jinling descend Cheng Zuqian yanjing 16 to the chongzhen of the right to castrate, such as Lin Lee rushed out the artifact burned out the ancestors of the ancient and modern history of the Quartet in the past and present in the historical records of the rise and fall read through the ancient and modern if a pro-eye and chanting heart and only Chao Xi in the Zhong NI Division Ligularia Yin still study Zhao in order to read Lu, he is not only Shi Xue and qin pu woven bamboo slips no book and know Mian head cantilever cone thorn not teach from diligent such as capsule fluorescent although the snow home poor learning, such as negative salary, such as hanging angle of the body, although Lao Drosul 27 assiduous reading the old and Shal the young man should think if Liang 82 to big More than a lot of people are known as the difference between the young niche should be determined to eight-year-old can chant the poem seven-year-old can be fu chess what result, the Cai Wenji can distinguish the piano Shaidao can sing the harp and Conning men when the Tang Liu Yanfang seven-year-old to raise a child prodigy, although the young body has been er young learning mian and to Night Watch chicken crows louder than gou do not learn Horeb for silkworm silk honey people do not learn as well as things young and learn strong and go to June under Zeminyan fame parents light in front Yu in the descendants of the son Kim I teach son but once diligent active play useless ring of good

Zi Jing 1670

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