ZigBee Learning Path (a): ZigBee introduction

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I. Preface

Hello everyone, I am a college student, recently to ZigBee very interested, so I bought from the internet a fire cc2530 ZigBee Development Board, want to through this platform to share their own study and research experience, below to simple introduction of ZigBee

Two. ZigBee definition

ZigBee is a low-power LAN protocol based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard. According to international standards, ZigBee technology is a short-distance, low-power wireless communication technology. This name (also known as the Purple Bee Protocol) stems from the bee's eight-step dance, because the Bee (bee) is flying and "buzzing" (zig) to shake the Wings of "dance" to communicate with the companion pollen location information, that is, bees rely on such a way to form a communication network in the group. It is characterized by close range, low complexity, self-organization, low power consumption and low data rate. It is mainly suitable for automation and remote control, and can be embedded in various devices. In short, ZigBee is a cheap, low-power, near-range wireless networking communication technology. ZigBee is a wireless network protocol with low speed and short distance transmission. The ZigBee protocol is the physical layer (PHY), the Media access Control layer (MAC), the Transport Layer (TL), the network layer (NWK), the application layer (APL), and so on. The physical layer and media access control layer complies with the requirements of the IEEE 802.15.4 standard.

Three. ZigBee Features

The following is a detailed description of ZigBee features
(1) Low power consumption: two-cell fifth battery support up to 6 months to 2 years or so of the use of time.
(2) Low cost: As a result of simplifying the protocol stack and reducing the performance requirements of the kernel, take CC2530 as an example, the kernel is an enhanced 8051 core, which reduces the cost of the chip. Each piece CC2530 about 15 yuan RMB.
(3) Low-speed rate: Zigbee can provide three raw data throughput rates, respectively: 250kbps (2.4GHz), 40kbps (915MHz), 20kbps (868MHz).
(4) Close-up: "Near" is relative, compared with Bluetooth, Zigbee belongs to low-speed transmission distance data.
(5) Reliable: The use of collision avoidance mechanism, at the same time for the need for fixed bandwidth of the communication business reserved a dedicated time slot, to avoid the transmission of data competition and conflict; the node module has the function of automatic dynamic networking, the information is transmitted through automatic routing in the whole ZigBee network. Thus ensuring the reliability of the transmission of information.
(6) Short delay: Optimized for time-sensitive applications, communication delays and latency activation from hibernation are very short.
(7) Large network capacity: Zigbee can use a star-shaped, mesh and mesh network structure, 1.1.2, a master node management of several sub-nodes, up to one master node can manage 254 child nodes, and the master node can be managed by the previous layer of network nodes, up to a maximum of 65,000 nodes of the large network.
(8) Security: Zigbee provides data integrity check and authentication function, the encryption algorithm uses the Universal AES-128.
(9) High confidentiality: 64-bit factory number and support AES-128 encryption.

Four. ZigBee applications

ZigBee-based sensor networks are widely used to help people realize their dream of life better. ZigBee technology is used in digital homes to keep people informed about the state of electronic devices at home and can be used to monitor patients in their homes to see if their condition is normal to respond. ZigBee sensor networks for building automation can reduce operating costs. Such as: hotels throughout the air-conditioning heating (HVAC) equipment, if in each air-conditioning equipment with a ZigBee node, these air conditioning systems can be real-time control, saving energy consumption. In addition, through the integration of ZigBee chip on the mobile phone, the mobile phone can be used as the gateway of ZigBee sensor network to realize the automatic control of Intelligent Home, mobile commerce (using mobile phone shopping) and many other functions. According to Bobheile, the current Italian Tim Mobile company has launched a Z-sim card based on ZigBee technology for mobile phone and TV set-top boxes, computers, household appliances and parking charges.

ZigBee Application Areas

Five. Development environment Configuration

Installation of IAR

first of all, I suggest you download cracked version, so do not go to their own to crack, even if not cracked version, there are a lot of cracked tutorials on the web, and then the next step, the following is the installation interface:

CH340 (USB to serial) driver installation

Why to press this thing, because the microcontroller and the computer is connected through our USB connection, and SCM is only the serial port, so need to pass this drive, so that the computer and SCM to connect and communicate.

After installation, when you through the microcontroller and computer connection, if the microcontroller has a serial port to the USB module, you can connect.

Six. Conclusion

through this introduction, we must have some knowledge of ZigBee, I will explain some small experiments based on cc2530, familiar with the basic operation of cc2530, for ZigBee Learning lay the foundation, I suggest that if you want to learn more about the ZigBee protocol, Just buy a piece of ZigBee Development Board, you can follow the teacher to design and implement a ZigBee-based application, such as smart home, fire alarm, etc., so that ZigBee becomes one of our skills and knowledge.

ZigBee Learning Path (a): ZigBee introduction

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