Zip archive installation of MySQL database

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The first step, download the database version you need from the official website, here I use the latest version of the 5.7.15;

    1. Unzip the file you downloaded, I'll name it MySQL Server 5.7, I put it under D:\Program files\
    2. You will find that the new MySQL root directory does not have the Data folder (processed later)
    3. Add a path to the system variable path D:\Program files\mysql Server 5.7, your installation directory, that is, the location of the folder you unzipped. [Mysqld]
    4. To create a new file My.ini in the MySQL installation directory (such as D:\mywork\mysql-5.7.16-winx64), add the following configuration:




Port = 3306

Next is the important command.

    • Mysqld--initialize--user=mysql--console

At this point, the Data folder and its contents are created automatically, and the final part generates a random password

    • Mysqld--install MySQL (Install database)

    • net start MySQL (startup database)

    • Mysql-u root-p (login)

    • Enter the random password generated above

    • 连接权限数据库: use mysql; (别忘了最后加分号)

    • (改密码)mysql>update mysql.user set authentication_string=password(‘新密码‘) where user=‘root‘ and Host =‘localhost‘;

    • mysql>flush privileges; #更新权限

    • Quit

Zip archive installation of MySQL database

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