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  • What is SNS (Social Network Service)? How hot is it now? I don't want to explain it. I will talk about it directly (I am used to investigating it from a critical perspective, this is also my personal issue ).
What is SNS (Social Network Service)? How hot is it now? I don't want to explain it. I will talk about it directly (I am used to investigating it from a critical perspective, this is also my personal issue ).

Currently, SNS websites in China are very popular with Facebook. Many people have summarized the general categories, such as entertainment, business, and campus. Of course, this is only one of multiple criteria. Here we leave this aside. from another angle, I think we can also describe it like this:

  1. Pan SNS: "Wildcard" has two meanings: one is the form wildcard, which includes various network application modes, such as more traditional communities and blogs, and the other is the wildcard purpose of making friends, don't rely on obvious theme, to all kinds of users, of course, in reality will be young (under 20 years of age) of low-end and Middle-end users, more close to "Entertainment ", for example, 51.comand 360 circles. This type of white crow is interesting and correct: it helps solve the bubble and bubble problems after 80/85.
  2. Clue SNS: This is quite awkward, but I didn't expect it to be more appropriate. This kind of website is characterized by building a network interaction platform based on real-world interpersonal relationships. When it comes to this, everyone understands that the typical representatives are internal schools, domestic sites, and the same building, they all use people's real interpersonal relationships as clues to attract users to use them, thus extending the display of more online behaviors. However, in essence, such websites are no different from the above "Pan SNS", and the user's behavior in the above is still not obvious. After the user registers based on these realistic relationships, the same thing is still done.
  3. Topic SNS: It is easy to understand, aiming at a specific requirement, or establishing and developing network interpersonal relationships in a specific field. Typical representatives include neighbors (business contacts), babytree (nursery), jiayuan, and Lily (marriage and love. These websites are characterized by grasping users' actual needs and conducting interpersonal activities around specific themes.

You can just give it a rough look. According to the current development status, the general failure is summarized. Let's take a look at the cause.Main characteristics of SNSOr advantages. I would like to see the following three points:

  1. Large-scale user groups
  2. Intimate interpersonal influence
  3. Precise Network Marketing

In fact, these three points are all from the perspective of SNS commercial value. That is to say, Why SNS are favored? I will not explain each point. The last two are new features different from those of traditional websites. In fact, it is not very difficult to build a website with a large traffic volume in China. The difficulty lies in achieving the next two goals.

Once we know this, we will analyze the specific actions of the three main characteristics of the three types of SNS websites (too much tongue-wrapper ).

  1. Pan SNS: among the three categories, such websites are the easiest to scale. In fact, in the existing cases, they are also the best in scale. The reason is that the user base is relatively extensive and there is a sufficient disposable boring time, the motivation for making friends is straightforward. However, in terms of interpersonal relationship influence and Precision Marketing, "pan SNS" is the most difficult to do, even because they do not possess these two features, that is, they do not have to rely on dating, interpersonal Relationships are generally loose. In this way, "pan SNS" has lost the two new features of SNS.Return to the traditional community-based websiteIn some cases, Content support is even less than for community websites. Therefore, for a long time, the nature of such websites will not become a new type of SNS system, but will evolve into a traditional application type with the continuous development of the Internet. In this regard,"Pan SNS" websites do not represent the development trend of the Internet. Of course, it does not mean that the trend may not be profitable. In fact, Pan SNS may be the best among the three. I will not repeat it here.
  2. The scale of clue SNS is certainly being done (in fact, all three are inseparable from the scale), but for such websites, their main characteristic lies in the following two conditions, it is interpersonal relationship influence and Precision Marketing. The original committee has a good explanation. Such websites are compared.Standard Facebook domestic rebuildNaturally, it best fits the SNS features. According to these two points, the common method adopted by various websites isReal-world networkingAndReal-name registration. However, these two points are not easy to do, or even cannot be done at the moment. This is closely related to the development of China's network society.
    Real-world interpersonal relationships are networked and real-name systems. The logic is clear and simple, but there are two problems: first, this interpersonal relationshipScale requiredFor example, if you register a Website Based on the relationship between classmates and alumni and find that you cannot find your classmates, will you continue to use it? Second, network interaction under such conditions is restricted in China, mainly in terms of text and thinking methods. What can you do when you are in an online community with your classmates and colleagues? Therefore, this is not in line with national conditions. Chinese users are not used to accessing the Internet. In factExpanding interpersonal relationships on the Internet does not require authentic information in Chinese theory..
    This is also the reason for the trend in the nature of the "clue-type SNS" in China to "pan SNS ". Therefore, such websites require a slow and hot process, which is actually the development process of Chinese network users and will not be very rapid. In this case, the value of the "Clue SNS" website is significantly reduced, and their identity as Facebook's standard Chinese rebuild is also worth pondering.
  3. Topic-based SNS are relatively complicated in this category. Because of their different fields of interest and requirements, I cannot afford to raise the list.
    It is worth noting that I am not very optimistic about commercial websites that account for a large proportion of such websites because the user group they are interested in isHigh-end business personnelAnd such groupsThe most insignificant social networking needsIn addition, relying on the network to expand the workplace network cost is too low, quality and credit lack of assurance, it is still very unreliable at this stage. At present, the rapid decline in user quality of such websites can be said to be evidence.
    Other directions outside of business can be said to be a colorful field. If we grasp user needs in light of national conditions, there may be some special cases, or even further develop SNS in China.

At last, I think a point of view can summarize the reasons why SNS in China are unsuccessful, that isSNS are not originated from the local market and are not in the development phase of the Chinese Internet. They are persistently grafted to China at an inappropriate time.This is also a critical point in China's Internet development. This is not only an SNS issue, but we must always be cautious in any field of the Internet.

In this case, I think that SNS is not a "trap" at this stage. I think there are only three situations to do this. First, there is sufficient capital to support the long-term development of the project; the second is that capital players can continue to seek help. The third is to explore new interpersonal network development models based on national conditions, with a focus on projects with strong themes that meet users' actual needs. In addition, we recommend that you wash and sleep.

The title is the next trap. What about the last one? -- The network video is also.

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