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Absrtact: Paytm was invested by Alibaba $575 million, valued at $2 billion Paytm by Alibaba Group and its financial services subsidiary Ant Micro Financial Services group to invest about 575 million U.S. dollars. It is understood that after the completion of the transaction, Alibaba and Ant finance will hold

Paytm was invested by Alibaba $575 million, valued at $2 billion

Paytm was invested by the group of Alibaba Group and its financial services subsidiary, Ant Micro Financial services, about 575 million dollars. It is understood that after the completion of the transaction, Alibaba and Ant finance will hold the One97 30% shares, and the company's latest valuation will be more than 2 billion U.S. dollars.

Paytm is an online payment and marketing arm of India's mobile value-added service, ONE97 communication, which handles online payments in India and runs an Internet bazaar that Indian users can use on their mobile phones. According to Paytm, its bazaar has about 15,000 merchants, registered 25 million people. It also has 20 million mobile wallet users, including taxi service software Uber, online travel company Expedia, and Airbnb users of the home leasing website.

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Second, personal health management cloud platform Welltok received 37 million financing

The personal health Management cloud Platform Welltok has invested 37 million of dollars in Hearst Tiyatien ventures,catholic tiyatien Initiatives,bessemer and Venture.

Welltok was founded in 2009, headquartered in Denver, the main focus on personal health management and lifestyle promotion, it does not only do health data analysis or professional health management recommendations, but also as a platform entry point, access to other services, such as hardware, insurance companies, content, applications, etc. At the same time help some group health management companies to provide management methods. The most famous is to count its Caféwell tiyatien optimization Platform (Cloud Platform), a custom intervention and preventative health management program with a Web site as its main portal, where partners have specialized data-recording wearable hardware mapmyfitness and FitBit and social networks.

Source: 36 Krypton

Iii. non-relational database MongoDB $80 million in financing

Non-relational database MongoDB 80 million dollars of investment, it is a distributed file storage database, is between the relational database and the non relational database products, in the non-relational database it belongs to the very rich kind of, and in the processing is most like relational database, in the recent Db-engines's most popular database selection has just won the non-relational database championship.

MongoDB currently has more than 2000 customers, including 34 Fortune 100 companies, the product downloads about 9 million times. In addition to efforts to improve popularity, the company has recently been pondering how to cash in. Last October MongoDB launched the MongoDB Management Service, which is designed to help customers expand and manage their databases in a pay-as-you-go manner, as well as provide paid support to free users.

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Four, transmission full peak express financing 200 million

Full-peak courier in 2014 after the Yunfeng Fund, again get 200 million yuan investment, there is news that the round of financing from Haitong Securities, is the full peak express C round financing. Unlike before, the full peak will be invested in new markets such as community O2O and local life.

At the beginning of 2013, full Peak Express has been the capital, Peng Kang Capital, Phoenix Capital Three phase, access to 200 million yuan of investment. May 2014 again received from Ma Yun, Shong, Jason and other people jointly founded Yunfeng Fund billion scale investment. Full-peak Express has now developed into a 61 large-scale transshipment center, more than 3,000 business stores, 5,800 operating vehicles, 32000 employees of The courier company. The main products are: Standard express service, Economic express service, electrical distribution, collection of goods, valuables transport, VIP customer service, Pang with, the whole peak excellent shield and other services.

Source: billion European network

V. US Cloud storage Services box to restart IPO, financing 160 million dollars

The US cloud storage Services Box submitted an updated prospectus to the US Securities and Exchange Commission in Friday announcing the resumption of the IPO process. A few months ago, Box announced that it would postpone the IPO. The prospectus shows that box plans to sell up to 12.5 million shares of a-class common stock with an IPO price range of 11 to 13 dollars. In this share price, the company will raise up to 162.5 million U.S. dollars, the market value of up to 1.55 billion U.S. dollars. The shareholders of box include VC company Draper Fisher Jurvetson, U.S Venture Partners and Coatue Management. Box provides users with 10GB of free cloud storage space and charges extra space.

Box was founded in 2005 by the founders of Allon Levi (Aaron Levie), who dropped out of the University of Southern California, and his buddy Dilland Smith (Dylan Smith). The main competitor of Box is the Dropbox that has not yet been listed. In the first 9 months up to October 31, box revenues rose 80% to 153.8 million dollars, nearly doubling from a year earlier, while net losses fell to $121.5 million from 125.2 million dollars in the same period last.

Source: Sina Science and technology

Six, lesbian and social app Lala Park won Shire millions of pre-a round financing

The Lespark (Lala Park), launched in January 2014, is dedicated to creating a pure Les community, dedicated to lesbian mobile applications. Founder Liu Zhuoying graduated from the computer department of Renmin University of China, engineers from his background to see the Chinese homosexual market, their products Lespark 0 promotional fees in the case of the launch less than half a year, has 300,000 users. This June Lespark also received an angel round of financing.

Users can be located in accordance with mobile phone to find nearby enthusiasts, personal data models are carefully designed. Better communication and understanding between individual users through voice, picture, photo, text chat, or through the Les exclusive community. In addition, Lespark also uses large data mining to automatically push the user's preferred type of user, in the future to create a highly viscous exclusive lesbian community tribe.

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