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December 12, the world's first large-scale conference to explore the industry Internet, 2014 CVW. The industry Internet conference was held in Beijing and was synchronized through the big screen of New York Times Square. The conference was made by the Asia Letter Group, the cloud base and the Chuang-Zhuang economic and Technological Development zone jointly hosted more than 5,000 global it and traditional industry leaders and elites who are concerned about the development of Internet and traditional industries, and explored the evolution of "Internet access to traditional industries", "traditional industry internet" and the technological model and business innovation of industrial Internet.

In the afternoon of making the @ internet forum, 0-point Research Consulting Group CEO Zhang June brought "interactive Internet products to create" keynote speech.

Our next speech is Ms. Zhang June.

Zhang June: Thank you, and thank you for the 5 guests. The front is representing different businesses, representing different industries, implementing new products, new frameworks, and new layouts on the Internet. As zero, we are the consumer research company, to do consumer research, market insights. We can see that in front of more industries, more products, and more of the Internet, if eventually out of service for consumers, then he lacks its existence itself. It can not change the consumer, can not change our environment, the city, then I think all the changes in the enterprise, are virtual.

I will then share with you, we as a consulting company, to different business exchanges, to share with you.

Mobile Internet to bring you what we can see from above, there are a lot of brands, products, then in the Internet environment can be produced, Sohu, Sina and so on. In the lower left corner of China Merchants Bank's traditional industries, using the Internet technology to develop their own products. More mainly through the middle of the products, there are some traditional industries, citing Internet technology, internet platform, the birth of new services, is the Internet to bring us real changes in life, value.

The Internet age from business change what, from the commercial 1.0 times, is the core value of the ground business circle, to connect the shops, Business 2.0 is to connect all the information and merchandise, now we enter the 3.0 era, is the personal social gold social, connect the consumer. This sentence is easy to say, but it is not so simple to do.

In the present new technology, some development. It is like quicksand in the desert, after a big storm, all the principles, rules can be changed. Our traditional manufacturing industry will not use the traditional mode of thinking, which is the structure of our future business.

We are now ushered in our new era, to the end of our current real consumer era. We combine the strength of many traditional industries with the transition, and we say it's true that products create the three core principles of our ultimate, iterative, and communication. Our internet-oriented audience, you create the ultimate product is for the ultimate consumer, is a geek, a customer and so on. Remember when we were doing market research, and at the earliest time, Procter and Gamble brought market research to China. P & G do shampoo not with shampoo, women like shiny consumer demand is what, is to seize the ultimate consumer. Iterations are cumulative and require a large number of customers. Finally this is the Internet age, you are the most typical characteristics, you as a business does not simply give your users transactions, but you face the public, communicate your products, shape your brand image.

Extreme, everyone wants to do the ultimate product. Now it's the most painful point. So the pain point is not, now all see the enterprise, I want to find consumer pain point. If our products do not hurt, then the world will not exist. Can find consumer screaming products can not be asked. All of our business to return to consumers to make them happy and cheerful. We find pain points in every product at 0 o ' hour. But to find a good product, to do a burst of products, not an occasional encounter. You want to scream and don't scream at last. The best products are interacting with consumers. This interaction is continuous, is a long-term, accumulated slowly precipitation process. To do the product of the explosion, so we have a hot topic in the first half of this year is O2O. We have discussed in the Internet Conference, in fact O2O we have to Ok2ok, or over2over. In fact, the true nature of OTO, the original user embodies, from the breakpoint of the customer into a three-dimensional relationship. From the front of the few guests, is to reveal to us this point. We are really looking for users to use very frequently, with your product interaction every small point, what slight dissatisfaction, there are minor changes in the place, you put all the local savings together, may generate a burst, I do not guarantee the body let consumers scream.

As a 0 point, we build such a platform. In fact, its original intention is that we can really on such a platform, can give users frequent interaction, access to the user's real experience. Only from the user is not enough, we also need some external platform, must be the user, the market information, the whole development of information integration. Then we will produce some creative, original basic points. Then you have to give users the real build, improve your product. In the process of continuous use and evaluation, it is possible to become a good product.

We say the second iteration, this sounds beautiful. We know the story of Millet is very beautiful, millet platform, millet mobile phone to do well, because there is a community, in the community constantly collect information about users, their users tell them what the product is not enough, there is such a platform too air. After we spend no money, consumers do what they want. You think is such a diagram, you may get the interaction is on the right side of this diagram.

Why is there such a platform we can not get a good customer interaction. This is the friend who often goes abroad, this is the colleague of our country outside. Many of our domestic websites, see very successful AH. We take such a module, add such a module, have such a score, also add such a score. There are some things that cannot be achieved and what mechanisms are substituted. So the foreign colleague tells us, actually its real design, all is based on this, this is based on people's psychology and the interaction principle. So every design has someone's nature, and the driving force is doing it. These points in the outbreak will succeed in it. If you can not grasp these points, you can only do a cottage products.

So there is a good platform, far from enough. Really become an interaction of an interactive radical root. You understand people and motivate them to interact with you. The internet has a lot of internal driving force, there are positive, have fun, happy to share ah, sense of belonging Ah, in our platform, really let people alive. Some Internet products are slightly negative, recently listed, noisy products.

So, with the platform, when we really find people interacting with the driving force, on our platform you see people are alive. There are many enterprises, consumers come up to answer questions, from the Tencent drainage, from the day cat drainage, consumers come, you ask him about the product, good, like not like. This feedback is of no value to you, if it is not with the feelings of people, with people very specific to your internal experience of communication.

The third one, I talked about communication. In the internet age. Before that, just like an egg on the left, we are outside a shell, I really grow no, no one knows. But this is like a broken egg, not only broken, but also fried. We have asymmetric information and this is no longer present. We used to have traditional information in one direction, but now we can't.

In the present age, you may have a big mistake in saying a word. So we have to be very careful about speaking. So the traditional enterprise to the internet has love and hate. You have good things to spread, there is no hard to do not scratch. So this is the internet age, we as a traditional enterprise, first of all to overcome our fear of this state. We help some of the traditional home appliances businesses, they build their products, through the construction of their products, and our customers experience to interact with the actual user, see some can improve the direction, but also, we establish some new principles of communication. The above picture is the user receives our product, he poses in the home to take the picture, the upper right corner is our advertisement hair. We used to spread it through TV commercials and information ads.

A lot of people send this picture, I see the product, this quickly shrinks, you have no such space anymore. So honest and honest to create a product. That is not the internet so hateful. The following example, when we communicate through the user, many of our users use this cooking machine, will complain about the blade of the cooking machine, the Chinese feel the knife, the faster the better, in my mind this is the most ideal, the most wonderful, so give advice to manufacturers. Through our communication, because of such a product, through high-speed operation to achieve cutting, crushing function, its knife itself does not need sharp. So you can see that consumers are not all of us are right, in the process of information flow, you early avoid some negative misunderstanding, do some positive marketing communication. When we tell the consumer about this information, he said that I was wrong, he told him around the consumers, he will tell him that you do not understand, good communication is actually to help us.

Everyone here, I saw them in April, the traditional industry is very low, very unreliable. They do a bag of washing, through the standard pocket, no matter how many pieces of clothing in the pocket are 99 pieces, we look very simple, is a two-dimensional code, put in the pocket. But you can see that actually changing the entire business ecosystem. Including the basic principles of communication. Since the birth of such a model, I think there are some older colleagues here, younger. How many clothes do you put, this is 99 yuan. Do you have such an impulse, how many pieces I put in the end. This will stimulate your inner greed, challenge, you want to share out, let others envy. Such a simple change, has stimulated a person very rich emotion, driving force.

This kind of thing is easy to share, so this communication is a very challenging thing. You have the peace of mind to harness this communication.

We have been concerned about manufacturing before, now we from the trading layer, to the exchange layer, to communicate such things to consumers, all need a fast, integrated system, fast implementation and completion. In fact, the future for traditional enterprises, the real challenge is not internet technology, in the hardware we quickly challenge, can be merged, buy technology to improve this. But internal mindset, values, and your organization, operations, may be the biggest challenge.

OK, simply share our sentiment, thank you.

(Responsible editor: Mengyishan)

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