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In fact, 0 is not in touch with HTML semantics is not very long, but also remember the first contact is a network company web front-end recruitment of HR asked, then really embarrassed. The so-called lesson, wit, 0 before deciding on the Web front-end and SEO combined to learn. What is HTML semantics? If you are unfamiliar with it, or decide to understand the following interpretation of a bit of difficulty, you can refer to the next 0 before the popular explanation in the microblog.

Another important aspect of separation structure and performance is to make semantic markup to construct document content. The presence of an XHTML element means that part of the tagged content has a corresponding structural meaning, and there is no reason to use other tags. In other words, don't let CSS make an HTML element look like another HTML element, such as

instead of

tag headings.

Although the semantic HTML belongs to the Web standardization category, it is worthy of the designer of the Web front-end to learn, but for a comprehensive SEO, the use of standardized web page structure, SEO is a benefit without harm, and web standardization must talk about semantic HTML. In fact, it should be easy to imagine, if the entire HTML document, only with Div layout, performance data, then what other HTML tags to do? It can be said that the semantic HTML makes our web pages more easily understood by people or machines, and it is easier to express the true meaning of the Web page clearly. Below, we will understand the SEO species need to focus on some of the semantic HTML.


, , , ,, , are used as headings in the Web, and are decremented by importance. The is the highest level, so you need to determine exactly what the most important content is for each page, and where to optimize the keywords. Take our most common blog, for example, most of the blog home list is usually the latest blog, and the most important thing should be the name of the blog, such as 0 before the "0 network to promote the blog," and later the latest article link title can be used or , generally use , to represent the subordinate headings.

But does the H1 tag for each page contain a blog name? Suggest subordinate page blog name link all put in H2 label, and your article title uses H1 label, this is very helpful to whole station optimization, this is also optimize to each page need to notice point. By reasonably setting the HX title of each page, the content of the website will be more advantageous.

Emphasize , , ,

, These two tags have a great impact on SEO, appropriate use of them, you can make your Web page a lot of color. , and HX are different in importance. The emphasizes, and means emphasis, heavier than EM. In SEO, we can be the most important keywords with fervent tag, the second important with EM tag. Combined with the HX tags used earlier, they are better placed inside the body of the article, and HX is naturally used outside the body of the text. Some web designers to achieve some of the effects of web pages, using purely to achieve the bold, using EM is to tilt, and this approach is not necessary, and the opposite may affect the effect of SEO. In the past, in order to achieve bold, italic effects, web designers used , tags, and now basically do not use them, they are only used to represent text style, and the most sensible and common solution is to use CSS to control the style of text.


When the search engine reads the content of the page, when it encounters the P tag, it immediately knows that this is a paragraph, and if you use div, you cannot embody the advantages of HTML semantics. From the Web Standard point of view, the text of the article using P is natural, but also more worthy of advocacy. However, if you use


, the impact on SEO is minimal, because they do not have any emphasis on the inside. But if you use p to get the overall layout of the page, it's a little weird.


    1. ,

    for unordered tables, widely used, sequential tables
      are also very common. In the web standardization process, the
        is more used for navigation bar, this is completely correct, and in the list of articles, you can use OL, because those lists are in a certain order. Of course, these two impact on SEO is also very little, but if you use the table

        instead of the list, not only will make the HTML document verbose, but also not good use of HTML semantics to optimize your Web pages, because the table is more suitable to tag the list of data.

Title Property (not title tag) and Alt property

The Title property is used to provide additional descriptive information for an element, and it can be used for all tags except base,basefont,head,html,meta,param,script and title. The Alt property is a user agent (UA) that cannot display images, forms, or applets, specifying alternate text. Alt attributes to optimize the function of the picture is beyond doubt, and this is what SEO advocates, if you do not use the image into the HTML inside, it is best to add the image alt attribute, and can be appropriate to put the keyword inside. Six months ago to see a Bo friend said title attribute (not title tag) can increase the site's keyword density, 0 to hold a different point of view, because now the value of the ALT attribute has been underestimated by the search engine, the title of the content of the keyword density will be the impact of the search engine lower, at the same time. Title attribute content does not necessarily increase the density of keywords, if a large number of use, and the contents of the content does not contain keywords, on the contrary will weaken the keyword density.

Perhaps this article is more suitable for SEO beginners to see, but for many only understand the link and content operation of the SEO, the Web Standard or should attract everyone's attention. At the same time, for web designers, consider the impact of HTML on Web site SEO, but also the correct use of your HTML tags.

If you have any comments on the 0-only article, you can go to the 0 blog to participate in the discussion, but also pay attention to the 0 Sina Weibo: Http://t.sina.com.cn/yichang. Original source of this article: http://www.0cai.net/post/yuyihua-seo.html

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