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Once in A5 wrote an article "Application 000webhost free space of the trick, to ensure one-time success" was left my mailbox, received a lot of mail, someone is to help me apply, some friends also raised a lot of questions, because I also work every day, There is not enough time for every single reply to each email, but also please friends a lot of forgiveness, thank you, today I put forward some of your questions are added to the article, I hope to be useful to you friends.

000webhost free space, everyone knows, at least heard of it, he is the legendary that much more than the domestic toll space to stabilize the free space, this space is now very difficult to apply (for many beginners), many novice friends to apply for n times are still failure, because the Chinese ah, Word-of-mouth is not very good, especially the Internet, too many people apply for their 000webhost free space to do the lawlessness of things, moreover, China on the internet to make a living to eat so many people, Americans provide free space for the Chinese ah, I am afraid it is still a bit worse.

000webhost free space in this free space, basic parameters or to give you a brief introduction, the space size of 1500M, Some say 1.5G, that's not true. Ha, 1G is not equal to 1000m,000webhost free space of the flow limit of 200G per month, basically enough, I would like to, to reach one months 200G of traffic, and basically one day of the site access independent IP15000 above, of course, this is not the exact number, estimated it, a Enough. 000webhost free space does not support ASP, you can create a MySQL database free of charge, do not know why, at the outset, I applied for a space, put on the "search a CMS film program" but can not install, always connected to the database, may be my settings are not, there is a possibility, That is 000webhost free space database does not support GB2312 encoding, because I upload other PHP film and television program is completely able to run normally, speed is also very fast, installation, such as the CMS can be dream, I have personally tested.

000webhost free space can use a variety of upload tools to upload files to space, support SMARTFXP, FLASHFXP and other mainstream upload tools, very convenient operation, and domestic space operation basically exactly the same.

000webhost free space in the admin background to bind their own independent domain name, including the CN domain, although the 000webhost free space restrictions on Chinese applications, but still can bind China's top domain name Kazakhstan, after all, the Chinese domain name can also be American registration Ah, this he is not tube, Do not worry about being k off, American space business is not like our domestic profiteers, will not do those shady activities, as long as you do not put pornographic content or other illegal content, will not be k your space for no reason. In addition, you can bind the free top-level domain TK domain name, this free top-level domain name we will do in the other text to do detailed introduction.

Pull away, say what needs to be prepared in the final analysis, in fact, very simple, two:

1. A popular universal mailbox, Yahoo Good, Gmail mailbox is very good, 163 can also, these 3 mailboxes I have tried, can apply to 000webhost free space, if you also want to apply for a 000webhost free space, So now the first thing you have to do---to apply for a Gmail mailbox, record your own mailbox login and password, which will be used later, the registered address of Gmail mailbox: http://gmail.com


2. Find a good agent for all aspects of speed, this you in Baidu search "online agent", whichever you choose, I generally use the "cool Pendulum", "worry-free", or 7 agents, the use of U.S. proxy login, suggest the best choice for the United States, after all, 000webhost free space is the United States, People in their own country would be more likely to pass the application.


Above we briefly introduce some basic parameters of 000webhost free space and apply for 000webhost free space need preparation work, today we start to try to apply 000webhost free space, the novice friend follows steps to follow:

1. I have already applied for Gmail's mailbox, here I also no longer demonstrate how to apply for the creation of Gmail mailbox, as long as IQ is not low enough, should be, my mailbox is 000yanshi@gmail.com, is designed to apply for free space, there is no other way, Please read the tutorial with the questions of the friends do not send questions to this mailbox.

2. I choose the online agent is selected Www.5uproxy.net, but you do not necessarily have to choose this, are OK, you can choose other agents, I use this speed, remember: Select the U.S. proxy server.


Enter www.000webhost.com/353025.html in the URL address of the proxy website the best for U.S. online servers. Then you may ask, how do I know is not the United States, to worry-free agent for example, the above "www.000webhost.com/353025.html" replaced by "ip38.com" Click Agent Browsing, you know your current IP is how much, is which country.

3. Use the U.S. agent to succeed, will be directly imported to the official homepage of 000webhost, click "SIGN Up"


4. Fill in the contents of the following diagram in the left big basket:


To remind: The application is best not directly with their own top-level domain, the specific reason we will explain below, I chose here is a level two domain name, but this domain name will be passable www25.comli.com was intended to bind their own top-level domain www.caogenbaobei.com

5. Click "Creat my Account" to create a space. If you do not jump to a new page, but there is a jump back to the original page, so that either you choose the level two domain name has been registered, or your other places did not fill in the right, such as the Verification code errors, mailboxes or other places did not fill out the correct, please check. If correct, skip to the following page:


See no, the state is "Verification in progress" translation is "progress of verification", the explanation is not officially opened. If it is active, it will appear as active

5. Since there is no official opening, what should we do? Oh, very simple, at this time the top of the page on the left side of a "get help", just point him!


Click the "Submit new ticket" in the red circle below.


We are now in the 000webhost free space for the official management staff to send a note, request the official opening. Remember: Since we're trying to hide our real Chinese identities, in the identity of the United States to apply, certainly, we send the content of the information can not be Chinese, must use English, you do not say their English is not good, very simple, you can use translation tools, in Baidu search "online translator" Will come out a lot of translation tools.

The title of the message we send can be written as can and help me? (meaning our request for help) can also be written

Apply for activation (translated into Chinese is to apply for activation), in fact, are very simple to see how you write can, as long as you can express the same meaning can, I wrote Hello,

I ' m your new users,the status is verification in progress I don ' t known why,can to help me? Thank you very much!


6. If the information is sent successfully, it will jump to the following page:


7. The next step is to wait for the other person to reply. In general, you can get a response in about 2 hours.

8, we found that the site is not really active, can not be used normally, so we send each other information, application open. After hours, we log into the 000webhost free Space Official homepage, enter the user area to see the status of our application free space, because we have registered, so go directly to the user area.

9, as last time, we still use agents, and should also choose the United States agent, remember, any time in the future you login 000webhost free space management must use proxy access, you want to, today to see your address in the United States, tomorrow you log in when it is China's IP, You are suspected of cheating, besides, 000webhost free space is not open to you Chinese. Of course, don't worry, if we successfully apply to 000webhost free space and use his space to set up a website, this site is accessible to anyone in any country with a geographical location.


Click on Members arear to enter member area


Enter the site member area will appear in the login box, as shown in the following image to log in


When we log in, we can see the following picture:


This time we click "Activate account" in the purple-red box above to activate it, it will pop up the prompt page shown in the following image


To this step, the success of the half, and then we have to do is to wait, how long? 24 hours, 24 hours later, this space can be used.

Add: If you want to know if the information you sent to the other party has been answered and processed, and if you have activated your space, please click "Get Help" to view it and show you my reply here:


Wait quietly, 24 hours, is the above "4h 5m 22s" into "24h ...", the time is not very long. 99% will succeed!

10, the last time we send information 24 hours later, we still use the U.S. agent login 000webhost free space management background, to activate, then how to activate it? We see this as it is, as shown below:


I forgot the screenshot, sorry, anyway 24 hours after the use of proxy 000webhost free space management backstage, click on the picture above the location, absolutely not wrong!

Will jump to a page like this, I just part of the screenshot:


11, the meaning of the above figure I believe that many people can understand. has sent an activation mail to our mailbox, until now, our first request to prepare the Gmail mailbox to play a role, we now log into their own mailbox, we can see that we received two emails, click to open the following image of the letter:


Open the message, we can see a link: as shown in the following image:


Remember---do not directly click on this link, we take the method is: the link content copy down, back to the online agent of the home page, we copied the connection Input agent browsing, the following figure:


The only way to browse, activate links, activate our free space. Otherwise it will fail, because if we click on the link directly in the email, then we spontaneous admit our true identity-the Chinese, just 000webhost free space is not open to mainland China.

We use the agent to open the link, will come to such a page:


Shown above: Activation is successful! Click Back to Accounts List


12, we can see that our space has been successfully activated, the state has become "active", this time we click "Go to Chanel" can enter the management panel.

By the way, on the right you can see this information:


Can see the IP address of our space, but this address is not necessarily accurate, sometimes it may be wrong, we need to +1 in the last number, but, I have applied for several space, including to help others, sometimes accurate, whether accurate, we do not care about him, we believe in ourselves, PING You know what? No, my friend, I'll teach you how to get your IP address:

The lower left corner of the computer, point "start"--"run"--ping after a space plus your level two domain name


Get ping value: Figure below


13, above the IP is my space IP

You can also get the IP address of your own space, which is so simple, the real IP of the space I applied for is the end number +1

Now I connect with FLASHFXP, I have connected successfully:


14, as above, all your website data uploaded to public_html directory, but you have to first delete his space with the first document default.php

15, from the previous step we have successfully applied to the 000webhost free space, so now and everyone talk about the creation of 000webhost free space database.

We first use the agent to enter the 000webhost free space management background, click Go to Chanel into the management panel


Click on "MySQL" to start creating your MySQL database, as shown in the following figure to fill in letters or numbers to create


16, after the creation of success please record your own database data, we install the Web site program will use, of course, these most at least I should not be in here long-winded

17, binding their own domain name, I have bound their own top-level domain.

Incorrect and imperfect place also ask you to put forward, I will correct in time, I hope this article for those who find free space around the land useful!

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