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"The first half of 2008 Internet Horse Report" report shows that 2008 first half of the top ten malicious domain Name list, there are 80% of the malicious domain name IP address is pointing to Zhejiang province.

2008 Web Trojan Rapid growth, professional, team-style Trojan manufacturers, in the seizure of large illegal interests at the same time, to the vast number of users of the normal work of learning to bring great inconvenience, so that the interests of netizens have been greatly lost. Huge profits, Third-party application vulnerabilities, Social engineering became the main condition for the growth of the net horse in the first half of 2008. Many popular viruses (such as machine dogs, disk drives, game theft virus), in addition to the use of the program itself to disseminate the mechanism, will also use a variety of nets horse to expand its scope of damage.


(The above is a nine-week sample survey of Super Patrol, in which the Blue line is the actual growth curve of the net horse, and the curve is the growth trend of the net horse.)

As can be seen from the figure, in a short period of 10 weeks in the domestic network on the Web Trojan has reached 10 times the growth. Because a Web Trojan corresponds to hundreds, even tens of thousands of computer network users, so through the Web Trojan infected computer is radioactive growth. The Super Patrol team monitored data showed that the number of infected Web pages reached 1449034 in the time of the sample survey, and almost every netizen visited at least one malicious link per day. The growth trend of infected Web pages is shown below:


As a "warhead" on the computer on the network, the Trojan Horse takes the lead in acquiring some kind of permission from the network terminal computer through various system vulnerabilities or application vulnerabilities. Download the payload back to the specified server via the permissions already obtained. These "payloads" are dozens of Trojans that steal a variety of gaming software, instant messaging software, mailboxes, and other passwords or sensitive information.

In the first half of 2008, the net horse in every area of China is increasing, one reason is that internet access is developing very fast. Another reason is that, compared to a year ago, domestic and foreign search engines are increasingly focusing on domestic servers. The main areas of the net horse distribution are shown in the following illustration:


("Other" includes areas other than the major areas listed in the OZP, mainly in the Asia-Pacific address except China and Europe and the United States)

As shown above, in the Super Patrol team statistics 2008 first half of the top ten malicious domain Name list, there are 80% of malicious domain name IP address is pointing to Zhejiang province. The list is as follows:


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