10 Big development trends and skills that you need to know

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Drunk technology progress, and the continuous development of technology, so that software development is also constantly changing, and also from unfamiliar to mature. But since technology can never be static, it must meet the needs of the people associated with it. I have seen the software world and I must admit that it is a dynamic field. As I've always said, technology is evolving, and sometimes it's really hard to keep pace with this trend.

Now let's look at the software development skills and trends that 10 big size farmers must see.

1. Mastering Mobile Technology

The use of smart mobile phones has become increasingly popular, and the number of people using them has exceeded PC desktops in 2012 years. Because of the increasing number of users using mobile devices, responsive Web design has become a trend. Developers should be able to develop Web sites that support multiple devices, including smart phone--ios, Android, Windows phone and BlackBerry. As a developer, you can't ignore a lot of mobile users, so you have to learn the response web development and Mobile UI Toolkit.

2013 you have to learn mobile development.

2. Agile methodology

Developers should be aware of the importance of agile development. Agile is basically a series of rules that can help you manage your day-to-day projects, and unlike general project management rules, agile development is slowly impacting the way developers work and communicate. You have to realize that the waterfall model is almost out of date. If you want to get better software quality, agile development is an optional way to develop, and with agile development you can easily implement any requirements changes in your software

3. Unit Test

As a developer, if you're not doing unit testing, you're on your way to unit testing. Unit tests are no longer just an elective for developers to improve their qualifications, but a necessary skill. When it comes to unit testing, you can find plenty of tools and frameworks for you to use. Learn it quickly (if you don't) because he will be very useful to you in the coming year.

4. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become an integral part of the day-to-day operations of the enterprise. Computing makes business processes easier and more convenient for customers. This is a high demand industry in the 2013.

5. HTML5

HTML5 is the most popular tool and is constantly developing. Before HTML5 full prosperity, you should be ready to start HTML5 knowledge. If you want to be a developer of next-generation applications, you must learn HTML5. Mobile devices also fully support HTML5, so you are learning HTML5 as well as mobile development.

6. Python or Ruby

PHP has been a leader for a long period of development, but the good news is that Python and Ruby have found their way in the development industry. Ruby+rails and Python+django are great web development frameworks. Python and Ruby are not perfect for a variety of projects, but they can be an extra skill. In addition, they can provide some help in many other projects. So make sure you can take some time to learn these skills.

7. CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 are becoming more popular, using HTML5 and CSS3 you can develop semantically coherent web sites. CSS3 has many great features, such as downloadable custom fonts (font-face), RGBA colors, color gradients, multiple backgrounds, transparency, transformations, and so on.

8. Responsive page Design

Because of the growing use of mobile devices for the Internet, responsive web design is becoming one of the most important design techniques that every developer should know about. You should be able to design responsive pages to match different resolutions and, of course, different screen sizes. As a developer, you need to be able to design Web sites that apply to any browser or device.

9. JavaScript and JQuery

JavaScript is becoming more and more important for desktops and tablets, especially after the WINDOWS8 release. With the combination of HTML5 and JavaScript, you can do better in web development. In addition to Javascript,jquery is a skill that must be well known if you use HTML5 in your work. Of course you can also find other technologies that are good for the same effect, but jquery is by far the best. You should master a variety of programming languages, not a single one.

10. Position based Computing

Currently, the vast majority of mobile devices are integrated with GPS, which is why Foursquare and Facebook check-in such applications will fire. That means people prefer location-based applications. So learn more about location-based programming, which will be the popular element of the 2013.

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