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Preface: This article is mainly to help friends who have not purchased the United States host a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of the United States mainframe, so as to facilitate the choice of the host in both China and America have a more comprehensive reference.

Difference One: space size and flow size.

--China host: generally according to 100m,300m,500m,1g,5g to differentiate, and then on the general is the server rental or rental.

United States host: The vast majority of United States hosts are now infinite space, not infinite space of space quotient few.

Summary: China's host business development of the year is relatively short, the current technical capacity and resources are relatively limited, and small and medium-sized host providers occupy a large part of the market. And the United States mainframe is basically a few giants in the provision of host services, small and medium-sized host space providers are difficult to be competitive, and technology and resources are very rich, in addition to the limitations of the virtual host, the following will be mentioned.

Difference two: Make a single website and multiple sites cost price comparison

--China Host: To 1G a year as a standard, small and medium-sized host prices are basically 100~200 around, there are very cheap but the quality does not dare to compliment, here is said to be able to use the normal. Regular some relatively large number of host 1G space prices are around 500 or higher, generally a 1G space can only put a site is a domain name (domestic host so-called can bind 10 domain name means that these 10 domain names are bound to the same site, with a no difference).

--US host: The general cost of a year is about 100 dollars, there are very cheap, such as FatCow Cow host use discount code only need 3.67 U.S. dollars one months, equivalent to more than 40 dollars a year, 300 yuan. However, the vast majority of the 80~120 dollar between the year, that is, about 700 yuan, but can be placed on the site and the number of domain names are unlimited.

Summary: If it is to do a website, the use of local host is generally more cost-effective. But if you do more than 3 independent websites, the price advantage of the United States host is undoubtedly, if it is to do 10 sites, the space cost of a single site with the United States host only dozens of dollars, but also not limited space.

Difference Three: Access speed

China Host: Need to consider the problems of Netcom and telecom, dual-line mainframe can be considered, but I personally and some people in the industry's opinion is to try not to use dual-line mainframe, because China does not really have a real sense of the dual-line mainframe, this sentence is a personage in the industry told me, I do not know, But my own experience with a dual-line host is not very smooth. But if it is in the same network situation, the speed of the domestic host is certainly very fast.

--US host: Do not need to consider netcom and telecom factors, but the overall speed of access is not too fast, strictly speaking, the site to purchase the host, are in China to visit the relatively moderate speed, that is, not because of slow speed and loss of visitors. This site recommended most of the host with 1M ADSL download speed can reach 60~80k (download domestic speed is 100~120k or so), so generally still acceptable.

Summary: If the speed of the network has a high demand, the proposal or buy domestic host, and do the corresponding two-line settings, large Web sites are server groups and have different lines, rather than what we usually call "dual-line host." If the site is not to provide those who strictly need the speed of the content, the United States mainframe is also a good consideration.

Difference Four: Host stability

--China host This is my personal experience, miserable, from 50 dollars to 500 dollars in the space I have bought, the result is disappointing to me, and is very disappointed. I believe it resonates with many people.

--The United States hosts the recommended host is basically online rate guarantee more than 99.9%, but for domestic users have a situation except that is GFW shielded out, the best solution is to buy independent IP, such as the site recommended IX host on the gift of independent IP.

Summary: This is not my worshipping, the stability of the United States mainframe, absolutely trustworthy.

Difference five: after-sales service

--China Host: I am very frankly said, in my purchase of the different host on the provision of dozens of space, there is no good after-sales service. I am very responsible for this sentence, not one!

--United States host: I am also very frankly said, in my purchase of the 5 host companies, no after-sales service is not good. I am very responsible for this sentence, not one!

Summary: About after-sales service, the United States host after-sales service there is nothing to be picky about, I used to have a mainframe for 9 months because I didn't buy an independent IP, I got a refund, and the host didn't set me up with any obstacles and told me about the refund, and I hit my credit card within a week. China host up to now I haven't had a refund successfully.

Distinction VI: Policy constraints

--China Host: It is known that the domestic server has a series of restrictions, such as the record, real-name, as well as for the Forum and blog special record requirements, as well as the content of BT banned, and so on, there are uncertain new system requirements.

United States host: The main restrictions are illegal content such as yellow content and gambling content, according to the state of the host of the law. The other is a very strict copyright issue. But beyond that, there are no other special policy controls.

Summary: The use of the United States mainframe must pay attention to the issue of copyright, but as long as the content of the site is not illegal, and does not involve the content of other sites in the United States copyright issues, your space is safe and stable, the United States Internet development is very mature, the law is also very mature, so we do not need to worry about too much change. But the domestic host, presumably everybody already understood.

Distinguishing Seven: Controlling permissions

Domestic host--basically not control permissions, only an FTP and a simple to can not be a simple management background, can control the general is the database (whether to provide phpmyadmin not necessarily), backup and restore, as well as delete and empty the directory, other functions are basically not.

United States host-in addition to the above functions, foreign host can control a lot of content, including the creation of multiple databases, create multiple FTP accounts, for different domain name set different FTP address, Has the Modify permission for the. htaccess file, have php.ini Modify permissions, online file management, compression, decompression, and so on, these are our most commonly used, the database aspects of phpMyAdmin Affirmation is some, there are many other functions I really can not enumerate, I believe that the use of friends know the background of the powerful foreign host.

Summary: If from the authority, the domestic host is not comparable, if you must say the shortcomings of the United States mainframe, it is because of the many functions brought about by the interface is more complex, but as long as the use of habits, is basically the same set of methods.

Difference Eight: Host load characteristics

Domestic host: The vast majority of space providers as long as one of the site has a problem, other sites will be affected by a certain extent, the monitoring of CPU use is not tight enough.

United States host: More than the specified use limit will kill the process to ensure that other sites run stably. From this point of view, although strict CPU control can cause some trouble, at least it ensures that your own web site will not exceed the CPU when the use of stable operation.

Summary: From this point of view, if your site is often a temporary high load, then recommend not to use the United States mainframe, if it is a more average load, then use the United States to ease a lot of the main opportunity.

Difference Nine: Security of data

Domestic host: This point, the domestic mainframe to do also, the security aspect is trustworthy to some extent, and generally have automatic backup of the space provider in the request to recover the data will not carry out any additional charges. However, more or more rely on Webmaster personal website Security maintenance.

Foreign host: Regular off-site backup can guarantee your data security but recovery data is often charged, I have recovered data spent 75 of dollars, which for the general webmaster is not a small number oh ~. But at least it makes people feel at ease. The security of the server is also very trustworthy, after all, the foreign space business operation of the year is relatively long, this experience is much richer.

Summary: There is little difference in security, but there is a need to note that the United States host the win host, that is, the host to support ASP programs because of the security of Windows itself has done a lot of safety and permissions settings, sometimes lead to some programs can not be used, which we need to pay attention to. There is no Linux host, are win host, there is no way because of domestic piracy win, so there is no win host than Linux host expensive phenomenon.

Difference Ten: Host type selectivity

Domestic host: Virtual space one year cost about 200~300 can do 1~2 a Web site, the host of a year of rental 800~2000 can generally do 10~20 a website, independent host one year cost 7000~15000 or higher can do the number of Web sites unlimited.

United States Host: Virtual space for one year 600~1000 can do 10 sites (although it is not limited to the site but to consider the CPU consumption, if the traffic is not a small 100), the cost of the VPS host a year about in 2000~3000 can do 20~50 site (same as virtual space , mainly looking at the CPU, because the number itself is not limited. Independent host a year's cost in 3000~15000 or higher, unlimited number of sites.

Summary: Virtual space We do not say, certainly better than the domestic. Independent host prices in fact compared to domestic not much advantage, if not to do foreign sites, in fact, I do not recommend renting stand-alone host, unless your virtual space is really not enough. Here I am not very recommended VPS host, cost performance is actually relatively low, that is, there is no independent host performance and permissions, but also subject to the limitations of the CPU, from this point is not as good as domestic rental space, but the domestic rental space also has a disadvantage is the security of the consideration of this, I think we are a matter of opinion.

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