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How exciting it is to put your thoughts, dreams, home pages, or business into the Internet. You present a dimension of your life to the whole world. Those who try first are very representative, and they know a lot about what they want to look like, what the content is, and who will be their target audience. However, not many people will spend a lot of time thinking about what kind of web hosting they expect, or what they should be. Here are 10 tips for knowing how to find a good web host, and knowing this will save you time and unnecessary hassle, so you can concentrate on enjoying other good things in your life without worrying about the network host.

1 Cost issues

Free Host: For free hosting, there are 3 issues to consider. The first is whether you can accept that you do not own the domain name, that is, if the site is/yoursitename instead of http://yoursitename, does it affect you? Second, can you accept the ads on the web host on your website? Third, When you read the brochure they offered, will find a lot of free virtual hosting providers in the free trial time, promised you that you can have their own domain name and no network host ads harassment, free is really free, but it is necessary to find a free host to provide services corresponding to the corresponding provisions.

Shared/Exclusive host: Before you sign an agreement with a vendor, there are several important cost factors that you need to check out. Find out if your suppliers provide money-back guarantees, what their refund requirements are, whether they need to sign a minimum agreement, and whether your service packs can be upgraded. More precisely, as your site continues to evolve, on a reasonable price basis, you will expand your existing bandwidth, disk drive space, and e-mail accounts. But if you are signing a 1-year contract with a supplier and the existing transmission capacity is not enough to meet your needs, then the extra costs will be sufficient for you. Be aware of the unlimited bandwidth or space provided. The provision of bandwidth is usually linked to an incremental price rating, and the availability of space usually excludes file types such as. jpg and. gif files and other large media class files. Sure, as long as you only hold text files, then it can be unlimited!

2 reputation

First, before you select the host, read a few more comments about the host. Look at the comments on the hostsearch.com and how other users are evaluating them.

Second, on a good host forum such as www.***.com, see how people evaluate these hosts. Again, search the names of these hosts on Baidu and Google, and search the list. If you see the honors on other web hosting directories or only on their websites, be careful because these are likely to be advertising campaigns that many vendors pay for.

3 Customer Service

Before you sign an agreement with a web hosting provider, it's a good idea to make sure that your customer service is clear. If you need to, make sure that they are able to provide all the telephone service every hour. Before you sign an agreement, test their email support to see how often they can give you an answer compared to their advertising commitments.

This is also a good way to test the credibility of suppliers. If they promise to reply within an hour, but you wait three days to receive an answer, then you can bet that the guarantee of their so-called 100 uptime is equally unreliable.

If you have any problems with your site and you can't find anyone in charge if you're on the phone or email, then you might want to know where the data center is located. If the center is located in your city, then you can drive to where and get the answers you want. But if your Internet host is located in a foreign country in Sri Lanka, then it is not so easy. "Xiao Li, take your bag and we'll send you to Colombo to reboot the server. There is no need to worry about the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who have just signed a ceasefire agreement with GVM.

4 Register the domain name

The host provider shall provide you with the right to register the domain name. Ideally, your network host is a domain registrar licensed by ICANN (Internet name and digital address distribution agency), or it tells you which domain registrar they are using. Regarding your domain name, please make sure that the InterNIC (Internet Information Center) as the management contact person is your name, not the host vendor's name, so that you can easily transfer your domain name to another host. And if your host provider does not provide you with the services they are committed to so that you refuse to pay to choose to replace the host, they can detain your domain name. Or if the company is out of business, if you are not a registered user of Interni, you will also encounter many problems when you transfer your domain name.

5 Why is my site so slow?

If you choose a shared host, you need to know if your host is hosting the Chengren site and make sure you don't share the same server with such sites. If you have a Chengren Web site on your shared server, it is bound to occupy your bandwidth. Also ask how many sites you share a server with. This article by the www.idcps.com webmaster feeds!

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