10 ways to solve the problem of how to find high quality virtual host (II.)

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6) Security

If you are going to engage in e-commerce, it is necessary to ask the supplier about security. They should provide multiple layers of security to protect you from the attacks of today's hackers. While ensuring that your site password security is not a responsibility of a network host, for some of the more worrying issues such as DNS poisoning, cross-site scripting, Web site hijacking, spam, phishing, and DDoS attacks, vendors should tell you what steps they will take to protect you from the Web.

7 Long term contract

If you sign a long-term contract, many internet owners offer you a one-month discount. But before you sign a long-term contract, it's best to sign a short-term contract before you upgrade. Because if you sign a long-term agreement, you gradually find that your host is often paralyzed and you have to pay a portion of the money to invalidate the other terms of the contract so that your current supplier agrees to replace it with another host. So it's best to try it out until you're really satisfied with your supplier's service and buy a long-term agreement.

8) Access Server

Be sure to verify what access you will have and how you will control your site. If you have a web-driven control panel, it may not allow all the things you want to do if you are running a complex site, or conversely, if you only want a site with very little hassle, then, rather than you maintain your own website to run, Virtual Access servers and FTP accounts may require more technical research.

9 figure out how much bandwidth you will need

Before you sign an agreement with a vendor, calculate how much you will spend on bandwidth and other services. The key here is to anticipate and ensure that your agreement with your host provider is flexible enough to allow you to expand on space, email, especially bandwidth. At the same time, a rough estimate of how much bandwidth you would expect to use ten gigs per month for every 500 regular users.

Check the cost of bandwidth or speed, and how much it costs if your site actually runs. The monthly unification cost is more cost-effective than the actual payment. If because of a new product, advertising promotion or a sudden number of Baidu and Google searchers, so that you get a lot of users. At the same time, when you receive your host billing, you will also be shocked to find that the bandwidth you are using is already exceeding the bandwidth stipulated in the contract. Maybe you never thought you'd be out of bounds, but you'd be surprised to know what caused the congestion on your site.

10 What is the connectivity of your network host?

How fast your host server is and how fast your site is, depends in part on your Internet connection. Many network hosting companies buy lines from some large backbone providers. These hosts should at least have T3 lines.

If speed is an important factor for you, then you should ask how they are connected. Vendors will tell you something like, "We're using the t-1/oc-3 line." That is, a network host company usually connects to the internet via "T" type (transmission), "optical carrier" or "digital signal". Many smaller web hosts are still using the T1 carrier to connect your site to the world at a speed of 1.544 megabits per second. Large, fast hosts use a large number of multiple OC3 (155.52 Mbps) lines to provide the bandwidth they need for different customers on their web sites.

Today's best web hosting means that even if their primary network connection is temporarily unavailable, they can use redundant lines to ensure that the user's site is functioning. It is a good idea to check which hosts can provide a quick backup connection to keep your site running when there is a problem with the main line.

Of course, top-notch service means you need to pay more. If you are looking for the cheapest and workable solution, you need to make sure that your network host does not need 24-hour phone service, OC3 line, or the latest hardware in their data center.

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