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This article for the submission from Tristan, is a translation of the article, the article is relatively long, but if you have a website or blog, many methods are still worth learning.

traffic is the currency of the network. The larger the site traffic, the easier it is to reach the target: make money, spread ideas, interact with others, or whatever.

That's why I'm writing this article on 100 ways to improve web traffic. Just use some (or most) of the following methods to make sure your traffic increases dramatically.

Blog 1. Add blogs to your site. If the site is static (Tristan: For example, a corporate web site or an online store), consider adding a blog to go and update the content regularly. This will not only attract repeat customers, but also get more traffic from the search engines. Need blog software, of course, is WordPress. (Free and easy to use)

2. Leave a message on the other person's blog. Develop a habit of visiting blogs in niche target markets and leaving messages. The comments will allow you to leave a link, and some visitors may have clicked on your site. Visit alltop to see which blogs are in your niche market.

3. Submit a submission to the reader. Most blogs welcome readers to contribute. Bloggers allow you to contribute to them, and usually the article will keep the author's signature pointing to your website. Send the article to the blogger to see if he will publish the article as a reader, it is so simple.

4. Sponsorship Blog competition. A popular practice in the blogosphere is to play blog games. You can sponsor a competition, offer prizes or bonuses, and bloggers will leave a link to your site on the game page.

5. Participate in the blog carnival. A blog Carnival is an online activity in which bloggers gather to write about a topic. At the end of the day, the organizers of the carnival usually write a summary article, which gives the article links to each participant, and the participants usually link to each other's article page. You can organize a carnival with your friends, or find a blogcarnival.com on the table.

6. Networking. There is a saying that "it is better to be a man than to be able." "This also applies to website promotion, meet the blogger, the webmaster to make friends, they will be happy to put a link to your site, and bring traffic." But before that you should probably link to their website or contact them by e-mail.

Subscribe to 7. Publish RSS feeds. Publish RSS feeds to facilitate readers to subscribe to blogs via RSS reader. So as long as the blog is updated, they are automatically notified of updates, which is a good way to ensure that they can read the updated article also prompted them to regularly visit the site.

8. Use of FeedBurner. If you want to facilitate the management of RSS, you should register a FeedBurner account. This service is completely free, and there are many useful features, such as statistical subscriber information, with various customization options, and so on. FeedBurner also makes the content of the blog output well compatible with most browsers and RSS readers, without losing subscribers for technical reasons.

9. Provide email subscriptions. Many users do not use RSS, the provision of e-mail subscriptions is very necessary, fortunately, the use of FeedBurner is easy to achieve. Simply activate the "publicize" feature in FeedBurner and paste the subscribed link into the Web site.

10. Create an email newsletter (email newsletter). The email subscription can be optimized to create an email newsletter, which can effectively control the content pushed to the subscriber's mailbox. For example, define an automatic push rule that sends specific content to a subscriber's mailbox at a specific time. You need an email marketing software to do this, like using Aweber software. (Tristan: This is a paid solution)

content for Wang 11. The first-hand news of the material. If your site is the first news source, there will be a lot of talk about this site links to you, the flow of course also went up.

12. Write a controversial article. If you can successfully write a controversial article, people will naturally link to your article when arguing, whether they agree with your point of view or, most of the time, disagree. The result is, of course, a significant increase in traffic.

13. Write a list of "Top 10". Internet people like the "Ten xx" list, the form of simple and understandable, but also can contain valid information. (such as ten XX resources, ten tips, etc.)

14. Write a list of "Top 100". "Top 100" is certainly more useful if you have a large amount of traffic on the list of "10". This article is an example. Because such articles can be aggregated to sum up valuable things, it is natural for people to tag this article in a bookmark and share it.

15. Write a "General course" for doing sth. People are willing to learn new things, especially skills that can solve their problems. Make sure your tutorials are as detailed as possible and visitors will flock.

16. Publish an interview. If the interviewee has a blog or a website, the effect will be better, the other party will give a link to the interview article, his visitors also clicked over.

17. Use festivals or recurring events as a topic. Write some of the events related to festivals or regular events, and the flow of traffic will increase greatly. such as Christmas, elections, the Olympic Games, the World Cup and so on festivals and events.

Link Bait 18. Create a test. People like to do tests (Tristan: This is the kind of game test), if you can come up with an interesting test, the visitor will not only be willing to do it, but also share it with their friends, so the traffic will increase. To Proprofs.com

You can easily create tests.

19. Write a list. For example, publishing a "50 of the hottest women entrepreneurs" is a list that uses people's curiosity to bring in a lot of traffic.

20. Write a website ranking. Like the previous strategy, write a list of websites, such as "25 best weight loss blogs." The webmaster of the site is certainly willing to give a link to this article (Tristan: If you can get in touch with them to tell them that this list, the effect is better, more traffic).

21. Put a funny picture. At the end of a busy day, people may just want to have some fun and relax. A funny picture can satisfy everyone's wishes, but also can increase the flow. Where can I find pictures? Look at the pics section on the Reddit.

22. Create an information graph. If you are creative and also like to do research, you can try to create an information graph, which is also a good way to attract other people's links and traffic. Click here for a tutorial to help you create one.

free Strategy 23. Publish an ebook. This is one of the most effective ways to get traffic. Write an attractive ebook, put it on the website, send an email to the bloggers and webmasters in the niche market and attach a direct download address. The more useful the information in the book, the more people share the comments and the more traffic there is.

24. Create a free CSS template. CSS templates are very popular on the web, and submitting templates to CSS catalogs will always be used by many people. Put a link in the footer point to your site, will certainly get some traffic.

25. Write a free WordPress theme. You can also translate CSS templates directly into a WordPress theme (or create a new theme from scratch). With millions of users in WordPress, submitting your topic to the directory (including the official topic directory) There will always be a lot of people downloading your topic.

26. Make a cheat sheet. Cheat sheets are very popular on the internet and you will definitely find a huge increase in the number of visitors you can make. For example, take a look at this article that lists more than 30 Web development memos.

27. Provide resources for Web design. The web design community is one of the most active communities on the web, and providing them with resources is a good way to increase traffic. such as the provision of icon sets, fonts, textures, Photoshop brushes and so on similar resources.

Events 28. Initiate an RT (forward) contest. To launch an event, people need to forward the game's page for a random lottery, which can be a cash, product, or sponsorship offer. Depending on the trophy size, you can see how many times the virus is forwarded after a period of time.

29. Launch a message contest. Another form of draw, other than forwarding, is to get an opportunity by leaving a comment behind a race article. Because RSS readers and email subscribers are going to leave a message on the site, there is no doubt that they will increase the number of visits and also inspire them to comment more on the article page.

30. Conduct a commentary writing contest. If you want to upgrade your site to Google rankings, you can try to hold a writing contest, and contestants need to write an article about the theme of the contest to get a chance to compare and appraise. The outside chain not only brings PR weight, but also new visitors. It should be noted, however, that prizes need to be attractive enough to allow contestants to write articles related to the topic.

31. Hold a voting contest. All you have to do is vote in the game to pick the winner. For example, if you have a website about fitness, you can invite readers to submit their best fitness tips and then vote for winners. Doing so allows participants to link to the polling page and then invite their friends to visit and vote.

32. Traffic competition. If traffic is what you want, why not match the criteria directly with it? Competition requires participants to direct traffic to specific pages of the site, which can be the game's page (to achieve the effect of viral transmission) or resource pages (such as the pages that provide e-books). After setting a time limit (such as 2 weeks, 1 months, or more), just check the site's traffic analysis to see which site brings the most visitors and decide who won the prize.

Multimedia 33. Video Initial experience. As you may have heard, video is already a big foundation for the internet today, but if you haven't tried it to advertise it, you can do it. You can have a simple experience, just record the next speech in front of the camera (of course, the content to attract visitors, not generalities).

34. Record the screen demo. When working on a computer, it is a very effective way to record the screen and make it into an attractive video. For example, you can use this method to teach someone how to do a computer operation or how to accomplish a task online. You can use this free software CamStudio to record a screen demo.

35. Submit video to major websites. Once you have the video ready, you can submit it on as many sites as you want, not just YouTube. Fortunately, there is a website to help you save a lot of time, tubemogul.com, can automatically for you to complete the process of submission.

36. Make a podcast. The main reason this approach may be a source of high quality traffic is that the competition in the podcast field is particularly small. In other words, with a little effort, your podcast will quickly become a niche market leader. All you need to do is start recording with a USB microphone.

37. Publish interview Audio. We already know that interviewing experts is a good way to get traffic. In addition to Word interviews, you can also post interview audio. Skype makes it easy to record audio, as long as you find a software that can record Skype conversations. Powergramo Free Edition can do.

Social Bookmarking website 38. Find someone to top your article. If your friends are using stumble Upon, ask them to help to top up your best article. This is like a snowball, the top of the people more and more people can see, and there may be other people like it, resulting in a lot of traffic.

39. Try to squeeze on Digg home page. Digg home is very difficult, but it is worth a try, once successful, you will be greeted by thousands of visits. Start by being an active user of Digg, adding as many friends as possible and observing what articles are most popular. After the first two steps, let a friend submit a piece of your best article, and launch a friend network to top it.

40. Submit articles to Reddit. If the effort on Digg fails, try again on the Reddit. Like Digg, Reddit is smaller but has a friendly community, and maybe your article is more popular there. Publishing comedy, Science and technology and political class articles to Reddit is more appropriate.

41. Let visitors share the article with delicious. Publishing some tutorial classes, "How to" articles, will get a lot of access on delicious. After the article add a delicious share button, and then start a friend in the first time to help collect to delicious, if in a short period of time to get enough to share, it may be recommended to delicious's homepage up.

42. Add social sharing book sign on website. Want to be shared and collected more words to add more to the share book sign on site. Use this tool to automatically generate bookmarks to share icons, and then paste the code into the site on it.

43. Try the social bookmark sharing site in the niche market. The four bookmark-sharing sites mentioned above are the biggest on the web, but there are a number of small share sites that focus on bookmarking and sharing sites in a niche market that can still generate a lot of traffic. Here's a list of 83 niche bookmark-sharing sites, and join a niche market-related site to see how much traffic can be generated.

Social Network 44. Create profile pages on as many social networks as possible. When you create a profile page on a social network, you can usually add your own web site. This is not only the opportunity to build the chain, but also to bring traffic (one because you see the information page visitors, the second is the link on the page to the site's weight link 2.4bn). There are more than 350 social networking lists on the Mashable, so take advantage of them.

45. Use Facebook. To get traffic on a social network, you have to have a face on Facebook. At the very least, create an account and build relationships with as many people as possible. It's possible to get traffic when you add a linked article to Facebook.

46. Create Facebook fan page. Another way to make the most of Facebook is to create a fan page. The fan page is dedicated to your site, where visitors can become fans, comment, etc. Here's a tutorial to help you create your first fan page.

47. Add Facebook's Like button to the Web site. Facebook recently launched the "Like" button, which allows users to share comments through Facebook accounts. Adding this button is just a matter of copying and pasting a few pieces of code to get the code on this page.

48. Use Twitter. Another social network that must be used is Twitter. You can create an account for yourself, or create an account directly for the site, the content can be a recent blog Update link, can also be all relevant content on the Internet.

49. Add the TweetMeme button on the website. Adding the TweetMeme button allows visitors to share articles just by clicking on them, which can increase traffic from Twitter.

50. Explore niche social networks. Perhaps the flow of traffic from niche social networks cannot be compared with Facebook or Twitter, but it should be tried because traffic from this site is more targeted and targeted. Here is a 233 social web site based on niche division.

website Optimization 51. Customize your 404 error page. Whether you're happy or not, there will always be visitors to the 404 error page on the site. Maybe it's a misspelled URL, maybe it's linked to a page that doesn't exist on the site, or some other reason. If you use the default 404 page, the visitor immediately goes to another website. But if you optimize 404 of pages, add useful links, you may be able to guide them to other pages of the site, but also to increase traffic.

52. Links between Web pages. This method increases the number of visits in two areas, and it is more convenient for visitors to view the site and increase the amount of access to each page. At the same time, can also enhance the site search rankings, because link 2.4bn will be more widely distributed to the entire site.

53. Highlight the most popular content. People who visit a website want to know which is the hottest. Highlight the most popular content and recommend it to readers to get more page traffic from each visitor. The easiest way to do this is to add "hot articles" to the sidebar.

54. Test the Web site in different browsers. If the site does not display properly in the visitor's browser, they will not hesitate to give up the visit. This is why you have to make sure that your Web site is displayed correctly in most browsers. Online service browsershots.org can help you detect, and completely free.

55. Speed up the website. Many studies have confirmed that most Internet users can only tolerate a few seconds of web-loading time, and if they are slow to show, most will immediately turn to other sites. More importantly, now the search engine began to load speed as a factor in the impact of the ranking, the faster the load, the ranking naturally higher. To speed up the first step you should reduce the unnecessary elements on the page, reduce the size of the picture. Use Firefox's firebug extensions to provide more detail on the analysis load speed.

56. Provide caching page service. An effective way to reduce load time is to provide caching page services. You can also reduce Web server load and make your site more responsive. WordPress Users can use the WP Super cache plug-in to achieve.

57. Find a good hosting solution. No matter how you optimize your Web site, loading a Web page will be slow if the hosting scenario starts off as usual. So stay away from free or inexpensive hosting hosts. It is necessary to invest $ per month on a high quality host.

Search Engine Optimization 58. Create original content. To get traffic from a search engine, it's time to focus on one thing and try to add original content. This is the most valued by Google and the company, the more original content, the more frequent updates, the better the effect.

59. Build the reverse link. Want to improve the search rankings to get natural flow the second important thing is to build the reverse link. Need to have as many websites as possible to link to your site, the higher the authority and relevance of the link, the better the effect. For example, you have a science and technology blog, access from TechCrunch or other authoritative technology blog links will be a miracle of SEO effect.

60. Implement keyword research. Search engines work around keywords to understand what keywords people use to adjust content to match. For example, the keyword "funny pictures" (funny pictures) of the search volume is "Funny Images" (funny image) 15 times times, so in the title of the use of "funny pictures" more helpful. Use Google AdWords keyword tool to query any keyword search volume.

61. Optimize the title of the page. The title of a Web page is the title section of the page, which is located between the tags <title></title> the head of the HTML code, and appears in the top title bar of the browser when accessing the page. This is a very important page SEO factor. It should be confirmed that each page of the site has a unique page title, and the keyword will appear in it. WordPress Users can install the all in one SEO pack plug-ins to automatically implement.

62. Create an HTML sitemap. An HTML sitemap is a link to all other pages of the page (preferably also links to all other pages). HTML Sitemap helps search engines crawl and index sites and improve search rankings.

63. Use pictures. Most webmasters forget that Google has a very popular "image search", which means that using images in a Web page can also increase traffic from search engines. Be sure to use the relevant keywords to optimize the name of the picture, and remember to use the ALT and title attributes frequently in the picture. Thousands of copyrighted free pictures can be found on the site sxc.hu.

64. Translate website content. According to the theme of the website, translation of the website into other language pages may be multiplied in the search engine traffic. Want to achieve this goal also need a can make the search engine index translate the webpage after the plugin. Wordpres users can use this global Translator.

Mobile 65. Create a Web site version that is suitable for mobile devices. With more and more people using mobile devices to access websites, it is important to have a mobile version that adapts to these new platforms. Using WordPress, you can add a Wptouch plug-in to automatically generate a mobile version of the Web site.

66. Create an iphone application for the website. The iphone is considered the most popular smartphone and, despite the controversy, most of its users rely heavily on their apps to manage their content. If you can create an iphone app to showcase your content, you'll not only get new readers, but you can also make it easier for existing readers to read on the iphone. There is an open source project that can help you create free.

67. Create an Android app for your site. Google's mobile operating system, Android, is expanding rapidly in the smartphone world, so it should also create an app for it. But this needs to master some programming knowledge.

online Forum 68. Join the online forum, put a website link in the signature. No matter what the website theme is, you can always find many relevant forums to join. Most will allow a link to be placed in the signature file, which can also be used to send visitors to your site. If you need to find a web forum, you can use big-boards.com, which has thousands of forums in its database, divided into categories.

69. Link to your article in the post. In addition to a link in the signature, you can also insert a link to the post. For example, writing an article that is very useful to other members of the forum, you can send a post to let them know and ask for feedback. However, to ensure the relevance of the article, or will be marked as a spammer garbage maker.

70. Join the Craigslist Forum. When you browse Craigslist (Tristan: the most popular classifieds website on the web), you will find that each city has a "forum" section. You can post articles there and add links to your site as long as it is relevant to the discussion.

71. Consider adding a forum to the Web site. Once your site reaches a critical user level (such as 5000 or more of your daily independent visitors), consider adding a forum to your site. This will give visitors a platform to ask questions and share content, as well as increase traffic. You can use phpBB this reliable and free forum software.

Content Aggregation 72. Create "Lenses" on Squidoo. Each "lens" on Squidoo is an overview profile page about a topic. Create lenses is free, you can put any content in, remember to put the site link also inserted.

73. Create "Hub" on HubPages. A website similar to Squidoo is called "HubPages". You can create "hubs" on a specific topic, of course, you can put the site link in it. But you need to read the website guide to make sure your hubs can be released.

74. Answer questions on Yahoo. Take the time to look at the questions on Yahoo, and answer the questions that are relevant to your site's topic. You can provide a link to a Web site as a reference in your answer, or directly provide links to specific articles on your site that can answer this question.

75. Answer the LinkedIn question. LinkedIn Answers is another quiz platform where you can answer questions from other users and provide a link to a website or article. Remember that topics are relevant and provide attractive business answers around careers.

traditional method 76. Submit a Web site to a Web page directory. The amount of traffic that this method can achieve depends on the quality of the Web directory that collects your site. However, if you can submit to hundreds of directories, you can also achieve considerable traffic. Here is a list of hundreds of web directories that are sorted by PR

77. Submit Blog to blog directory. If you have a blog, you can also submit it to the blog directory (which is the directory that contains only blogs). You can start with the 50 listings listed in this article.

78. Submit content to the article directory. Marketing by article is a very common and effective way to increase traffic. All you need to do is submit the article to the article directory. Almost every article directory site allows you to insert a link to your site, which can increase traffic. This list lists 50 of the most popular article directory sites.

79. Exchange links. The practice of exchanging links exists in the presence of the network, because it is very useful. It should be noted that only those websites that have original content and are useful to visitors (or may be punished by Google) should be exchanged.

80. Use AD exchange. Another similar procedure is the use of advertising exchange. You use unused advertising to promote your partner's website, and the other person does the same. Advertising can be in any form, from banner ads to mail communications in the promotion of information.

81. Distribution of press releases. Writing a press release and distributing it around can also bring in some traffic, especially with new information about your field. You can pay a company like PRWeb to do it for you, or you can submit your newsletter manually (there are 50 sites available to submit).

82. Add the website link to the signature of the email. E-mail is still the most widely used communication method now, so you can use it to make your contacts know your site.

Payment Method 83. Google AdWords. PPC (Pay-per-click, Pay-per-click) advertising is the most effective way to purchase traffic for the website, and Google AdWords is the largest network platform on the Internet. Creating an account is free, and then you'll have to bid for the keyword you need. According to the niche market you have identified, it is possible to buy clicks at very low prices.

84.Facebook advertising. The best advertising platform to replace Google AdWords is Facebook. You can pay for each click or every 1000 shows, and you can set up specific target audiences as advertisers to ensure that visitors are interested in your content.

85.StumbleUpon advertising. If your site is doing well in social media, you can try StumbleUpon ads. Your site (or a specific page) will be displayed to StumbleUpon users at $0.05 price per presentation. If many users actively vote for the content you provide, you can also get some free traffic.

86.Reddit Sponsored links. Another social bookmarking site that can buy ads is Reddit. The sponsored links you create will appear as features on the home page, and then Reddit users will be able to vote for him to rise and fall.

87. Direct purchase of banner ads (banner ads). In fact, all the owners are willing to sell banner ads. If you can find a site that is very relevant to your site, you can contact the webmaster directly to inquire about the price of the banner ad. This return on investment can be high because visitors may stay on your site and become loyal readers.

88. Buy banner ads from third party advertising platform. There are advertising platforms online that can help you buy banner ads by paying monthly subscription fees. Buysellads.com is an advertising platform that has many websites to launch.

89. Buy paid reviews. Sometimes paid reviews are useful for boosting traffic, because your site will be displayed directly in the article (that is, the link will be displayed directly in front of other site readers). Pay reviews can directly contact the webmaster, or through a professional website such as sponsoredreviews.com (make sure that the sponsored links have nofollow attributes, or they may be punished by Google).

line Promotion Method 90. Tell your friends and family about your website. These people are sure to be interested in your site and click the past, and if the content is constantly updated, they are likely to go ahead and look at it.

91. Tell your colleagues about your website. This is another group of people who are interested in your site and often visit it. If your site is related to work, the effect will be better.

92. Add the URL to the business card. If you often give a business card, you can consider the site link up. Business partners may be interested after all.

93. Print the Web site on a t-shirt. Now it's convenient and cheap to buy a custom-made T-shirt, and wearing a T-shirt with your website will be a good way to spread the site out.

94. Make stickers with web sites and paste them around. If you want to do guerrilla-style promotion, you can make some stickers with URLs and stick around. Cars, windows, computers, can be posted.

95. Advertise in local newspapers. According to the site's niche market, advertising in local newspapers can be a good way to invest. For example, if you have a blog about local news events, advertising in your local newspaper will bring you some new readers.

Unconventional method 96. Think of a creative April Fool's Day prank. April 1 The Internet is also active abnormal, many companies and stationmaster will come up with interesting mischief. If you can come up with a creative prank, other people may give you a link to bring traffic. Take a look at TechCrunch's 2010 creative prank to find inspiration.

97. Set the homepage of any computer you use to your website. If you can keep going, it will bring a lot of traffic. For example, in school, work, library and other places as long as you have used a computer to set its homepage to your website.

98. Navigate to your website in the computer store. This method can bring a lot of traffic, and certainly is an interesting way. As soon as you walk to a store that shows up with a computer, start the browser and open your Web page so that people who walk through it will see it.

99. Put your website on the sales list. Even if you are not going to sell the site, you can put it up to try. Interested buyers will visit your site, which is the way to get traffic. If you can put it on some big trading sites like flippa.com, you may also get thousands of visitors (and perhaps a good offer!). )。

100. Pretending to be attacked by hackers. Every time a website or blog is hacked, it can cause a stir in the community of bloggers and webmasters. If you can pretend to be hacked (like a strange piece of information on the homepage), you'll get a lot of backlinks and a surge in traffic. But if they find it a prank, people may get angry.

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