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If you haven't started using the bootstrap template, then you really have enough out, this is a tool to help you develop quickly, Bootstrap is based on the jquery framework, it is in the jquery framework based on a more personalized and humane improvement, Form a set of their own unique website style, and compatible most of the jquery plug-ins. Bootstrap contains a wealth of Web components that allow you to quickly build a beautiful, full-featured Web site. These include the following components: Drop-down menus, button groups, button pull-down menus, navigation, navigation bars, breadcrumbs, pagination, typography, thumbnails, warning dialogs, progress bars, media objects, and so on.

Today we bring the 12 sets of free bootstrap template, as a programmer, how can you miss!

Excellent HTML5/CSS3 single page response template

A responsive single page template implemented using bootstrap.

Interactive login interface design for bootstrap3,jquery and Font-awesome development

In this interactive interface design, we developed an interactive login effect using Bootstrap3,jquery and font-awesome. If you still want to know how the code is written? Please read the Interactive playback tutorial: BOOTSTRAP3 and jquery development design an interactive login interface

Main Features:

Judge user login input, slide display login button

User "in-Login" effect

BOOTSTRAP3 Implement page Layout

Application of jquery to the interactive effect of login and its user input judgment

Font-awesome generates beautiful icon interface

Bootstrap-Based Simple response menu

Simple response menu design based on Bootstrap.

Free resources: Bootstrap development of creative templates

A set of free bootstrap site templates that use modern layouts and support responsiveness. Has a great CSS3 animation effect and its scrolling effect.

BOOTSTRAP3 implementation of Response slide slide effect Personal Portfolio/blog site template

Related development and use instructions, please refer to the following courses: BOOTSTRAP3 development of Sliding style blog site template

Free response iphone Application template-teris

This free resource, which is introduced today, is a response-style iphone app that was created by Twitter Bootstrap-teris page template. If you're planning to launch a brand new iphone app, this template is perfect for you today. It can help you customize your template in a simple and professional way. Product Features: Responsive layout, full screen background, excellent fonts and icons, PSD format files, customizable.

Free Bootstrap-ninestars

This is a guided HTML template where we add some fresh content so that the menu bar doesn't look as rigid as standard navigation. We offer free downloads and hope to help you!

Bootstrap3.1 Development Response Profile profile

Use BOOTSTRAP3 to quickly develop a responsive resume and if you are interested to learn how to develop it, visit the GB Course library at the following address: BOOTSTRAP3 Building a responsive front-end designer CV template

Bootstrap single page parallax scrolling effect template

Bootstrap's single page parallax scrolling effect template contains free online demos and downloads.

Bootstrap Simple landing page template-siimple

About landing page, I have recommended a lot in the geek, such as the background slide effect of the login page design, the same simple and practical. Today's display of the application, so that users can quickly capture the use of registration/registration location, often the simpler the more powerful!

Lesson countdown effects generated by BOOTSTRAP3 and jquery Countdown plug-ins

I hope you can understand the basic jquery Countdown plug-in use, if you want to know how the code is written out, please refer to the relevant "code playback": Bootstrap3,jquery countdown Plug-ins and ANIMATE.CSS generation countdown effect

A single page of the bootstrap template-amoeba

This is a guided single page bootstrap template, he has a modern graphic design and also has a lot of advanced features, do not think he is just a gorgeous appearance of the template, use you know!

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