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At the end of last month, the China Railway Corporation issued a clear message that, from March 1 onwards, the 12306 Railway ticketing official website will enable the identity verification system, the Internet registered users and the common contact person (bus) for identity information verification. Yesterday, is 12306 official website to the user identity information carries on the examination first day, the result actually how? Reporter experience true identity can be passed, not a fake. During the spring festival, the reporter has added 7 contact information to the common contact of 12306 website personal account. Yesterday, the reporter log in to the site commonly used contact page, the page shows, according to the previous reporter with the correct name and identity information registered common contact has been shown to have passed, even if the second generation of identity card minors, due to the input of the appropriate identity card number is correct, has passed the corresponding certification. The reporter tried to purchase the ticket through the contact list, all successfully purchased the ticket in the pre-sale period, returned the order also did not appear the problem. The reporter attempts to enter the wrong identity information, the last one of the ID card to fill in the error, the system defaults to be unable to fill in the identity information, failed to take the next step. Yesterday afternoon, a netizen released a screenshot, the figure shows that the same name triple contact, identity card information is different, one of the more commonly used mobile phone number to fill 13800138000 (real mobile phone recharge number), so that a total of 5 information, all of which show as has been passed. Soon some netizens found that these pictures were made from the image editing software.
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