12306 official response to user data disclosure: Blame me? You don't have to do the tickets.

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"TechWeb Report" This noon we have reported a large number of 12306 user data online crazy quickly change the password! , 12036 officials have issued an announcement confirming the disclosure of the user's password. 12306 The official issued the announcement, said that after careful verification, this disclosure information all contains the user's plaintext password. 12306 website database All user passwords are non-plaintext conversion code, the user information leaked on the Internet through other websites or channels outflow. Remind everyone, quickly revise their 12306 password, do not disclose their 12306 account password, after all, contains the ID card, mobile phone number and other important personal information. The following is the full text of the 12306 announcement: to remind the vast number of passengers to use the 12306 official website to buy tickets for the announcement of the Internet, 12306 Web site user information on the Internet crazy biography of the report, through my website serious verification, this disclosure information all contain the user's plaintext password. I site database all user passwords are multiple encryption of the non-plaintext conversion code, the Internet leaked user information through other websites or channels outflow. At present, the public security organs have been involved in investigation. My site to remind the vast number of visitors, in order to protect the vast number of users of information security, please purchase tickets through the 12306 official website, do not use the third party ticket software to purchase tickets, or entrust a third party website to buy tickets to prevent your personal identity information leakage. At the same time, my site to remind the vast number of visitors, some third-party Web site development of the ticket to steal the artifact, there is a bundled sales insurance function, please pay attention to the majority of visitors. China Railway Customer Service Center December 25, 2014
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