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South Daily News Spring Festival has begun, the foreign wanderer are coming home, tickets can be purchased "difficult" still plagued some people ready to go home. Why did the 12306 website start to sell the Spring Festival train ticket on the day the website shows no ticket? Why can't I buy a wide-depth train ticket at 12306? Why the Canton-Kowloon through-train has still not implemented the real-name real-name purchase of tickets so that scalpers ... Yesterday, the Guangzhou Railway Group Deputy Chief engineer, the director of passenger Transport Huang and other Guangzhou Railway group related to the line "Guangdong Voice Hotline" program to respond to the concerns of the public. In an interview with reporters, he revealed that the Canton-Kowloon through-train this year is expected to buy tickets. 1 Ask the broad why not sell the speed ticket? Response: According to the rules, priority to meet long-distance passengers yesterday this newspaper reported that the "Canton-Shenzhen-speed train without tickets to sell" thing. reported that, in addition to the fare of seventy or eighty yuan intercity cars, between the broad and deep speed train and many, the cheapest ticket price as long as more than 20 dollars, speed is also very fast. But this kind of inexpensive ticket, in 12306 websites, the ticket office can not buy. Some passengers were forced to buy a train from the direction of the train from Foshan to Shenzhen and then get on the bus in Guangzhou. And this also caused the wide-depth between the general speed train hard seat attendance only 30%. Some passengers think the move is suspected of "leaving a ticket for a bullet train". In this respect, Huang denied the "to train cars to leave a ticket" argument. He explained that, from the organization principle of railway passenger transport, there are short distance trains, and different kinds of trains are divided. Therefore, the railway Department of many trains to implement the principle of selling, "such as Guangzhou to Shenyang train, priority to sell tickets to Shenyang passengers, to Beijing passengers can buy other train tickets." This is to make the operation more fully available and may be a bit of an imposition, but it has to be done. "" Now the Internet ticketing, there are thousands of selling point ticketing, Guang deep general speed tickets can sell, the railway department can not use administrative means not to sell, and we did not do so. Guang-Shen Line of the train is very popular with the majority of visitors. "The Canton Railway has previously said that the general Low-cost train between the two, the priority of ticketing to long-distance passengers, but this does not mean that the short distance without a ticket, but the number of votes is very small and not fixed, only in the relevant train two days before the car can be bought." Given the "small probability" of buying such a ticket, 12306 websites and stations usually do not offer such tickets. Huang further explained that the train restrictions have relevant provisions, can be set when automatic unlock, unlock time may be before the start of the day, may also be two days, which should be based on the peak or trough period of capacity of different passenger volume of the difference. Even if you can not buy Guangzhou to Shenzhen, the general speed tickets, or there are passengers to buy Foshan and other routes through Guangzhou to Shenzhen, the general speed tickets, Guangzhou normal car ride to take a wide-depth high-speed train. Huang explained that the crux of the matter is "buy far sit near", "Railway passenger transport regulations" do have the following provisions: Passengers must be specified on the face of the date, train, seats do not take the bus, and in the period of validity to arrive at the arrival. Passengers if the date specified in the face, train in the halfway station, not to take the interval fares. Passengers can be on the trainYou can also resume your trip when the ticket is valid, but when you get off the bus, the berth ticket expires. According to this, the Canton Railway, the passengers buy Foshan to Shenzhen tickets, midway in Guangzhou, in line with the provisions. 2 Ask online just open to show no ticket? Response: Nearly 900,000 groups of votes to allow some of the temporary passengers can not vote to sell a lot of people reflect, they are in the 12306 site on the Spring festival during the train tickets to rush to the site to book tickets, but the tragedy is that the site shows no tickets. In this respect, Huang admits that the fact that there was no ticket in the first place did happen when the public bought the train tickets for the temporary bus. Huang said that due to this year's migrant workers group ticket processing threshold by 100 people 20 tickets, reduced to 50 people 5 tickets, and 5 of migrant workers can also be free to buy tickets, which led to a sharp rise in demand, is expected to increase by nearly 30% than last year, and most of the votes needed to focus on the peak of the Spring Festival during the one weeks. About 6,000 enterprises have participated in the group purchase, the demand reaches 1.2 million, of which nearly 900,000 of them can be satisfied. "So in the peak period, such as 23rd to 28th, the temporary distribution of the group tickets may not be enough, the individual can not buy tickets to the situation is normal." "But there are rumors that someone can grab the ticket browser, ticket software, and so on, the first step to take away the votes released, the future of the Canton Railway Group to adopt a more hard-line way to prohibit these disorderly ticketing order phenomenon?" The presenter proposed. In fact, in order to prevent these software, the Canton Railway has taken a lot of measures, this year, the 12306 Web site purchase ticket static verification code for dynamic Verification code. Although this practice has made some ticket-grabbing software ineffective, it has increased the difficulty of the public in buying tickets, and has raised some questions. In this respect, Huang said, the adoption of these preventive measures is also helpless. "In fact, these precautions bring inconvenience and trouble to the normal ticket buyers, but through these measures, we guarantee the fairness of the tickets and the safety of the 12306 websites." "There is still a slip through the ticket software can be used," he said, 12306 of the site's technical staff will continue to improve the promotion, as far as possible to ensure the fairness of the ticket purchase. 3 Ask the Kowloon-Canton train Why it is not real name? Response: Zheng and Hong Kong Railway Research new ticketing system year real name 2010, the railway department began to implement real-name purchase tickets, but 4 years passed, Canton nine straight ticket still does not use real name. It is this loophole that let the through train ticketing link become scalpers scalping ticket "heaven". In this respect, Huang said, Canton and Kowloon Line is a joint operation of Guangzhou and Hong Kong Railway Company products. Unlike other train lines, all of its operating rules are set up separately, so ordinary outlets are not allowed to sell through-train tickets. Only a few large hotels in Guangzhou, such as Hong Kong guests between more and more places will set up special outlets, franchised Canton line tickets. Huang pointed out that the online sale of nine straight tickets must be illegal. Canton nine lines, whether it is the station or hotel ticketing point, can only be sold at par Price, unlike other train tickets to charge 5 yuan for ticket service fees. "So as long as you see the surcharge, it must beis against the rules. "Some of the major travel agencies also violated the regulations, why did not deal with?" In response, Chen Shussong, deputy director of the Guangzhou Railway Public Security Bureau, responded that the public security organs had been hit many times. It can be said that the public security organs and scalpers struggle has not stopped. The public security organs will continue to invest more and investigate. As to the reasons for the delay in using the real-name system, Huang's response is that the Hong Kong Railway Corporation is now working on a new computer ticketing systems and is also exploring how to make the real-system conform to the laws of the two places and will carefully listen to the views of the travellers. After the show, Huang revealed that the company is now working with the Hong Kong Railway Corporation to develop a new network ticketing system and to discuss the implementation of the real-name purchase of tickets, "This is a separate computer ticketing system, the return tickets are in one system and can be purchased from each other." Huang said that the ticketing system is striving to be put into use this year, by which time, the Canton-Kowloon through train will be the real name purchase tickets.
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