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1, submit your website to the search engine, so that your site has the possibility of maximum exposure rate;

2. If you expect more exposure opportunities, you can pay for search engine marketing (Engine Marketing). When the browser with fixed keyword search, there will be on the search engine site on your site text ads;

3. To carry out a lottery. In a certain amount of time, if someone is registered on your website or subscribe to email newsletter, he may get a free gift;

4, weekly to your site registration to send e-mail newsletter (e-mail Newsletter). Newsletter provides industry news and some tips and links back to your site;

5. Provide free content to other websites. This is a win-win approach. Other websites get your articles for free, enrich his content while you raise prestige and get links to your site;

6, to your potential customers, carefully planned, customer-focused e-mail marketing (e-mail promotion), to attract them to buy things through your website. Spend some time in the form and content of your emails: you want to provide valuable things to your customers and don't make them feel like spam;

7, and a complementary web site (but not competitors) Exchange links (link exchange);

8, with the Web site Membership System (Web affiliates) to traction visitors. Hundreds of members of the website will be their traffic link to your site;

9. Active in online discussion groups or forums, and always include your signature in your address.

10. Any time someone buys a product on your website, send it to the catalog when you give it to the goods so that he can buy it again.

11, the use of viral marketing technology (viral Marketing techniques). From the online discussion group mentioned above to each page there is a "emial this link" page that encourages your viewers to spread.

12. Can you determine what your customer needs? Create an online Survey to get advice from viewers on how to make your site sell better.

13, create a own advertising. Be sure you know who your goals are, what your marketing goals are, and creatively attract your browsing by clicking on your ads instead of leaving.

14, in some like online trading market (e-marketplace) and online classified ads (on-line classified advertising) to publish information, increase your site and product exposure rate.

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