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Recently read a lot about the site planning and how to improve the site click rate of the consultation, combined with their own work practice. summed up here to share with you, hope to help your site. I've listed 17 steps to follow these steps to increase the number of visits to the site.

1. Preparation of website content

You should collect at least 100 pages of content before registering a domain name, and the content must be valuable and not violate copyright content, which is called original material. If the site is compared to people, these content is to make the site vibrant blood. You can imagine what it would be like if a person had no circulation of blood. So this is more important, but also let the search engine automatically included you the key. Suggestion: Write the content of 500~1000 word every day, of course this content must contain your important key word, if can't think out the keyword to come, can use Yahoo keyword suggestion tool.

2. Select Web site

Think of a more meaningful, easy to remember Web site.

3. Website design

For search engines, they are not see the site's flash, JAVA, applets, JAVASCRIPT, also can not see the word inside the document, so in the design of the website, as long as possible concise, so that the content can be a good presentation, is a successful SEO site page.

In addition, the Web site should be as consistent as possible with the standards of the consortium.

4. File size per page of the website

It is recommended that each page be below 15K, if it can be reduced to 12K, or even 10K that is better, but not below 5K. In fact, we all know that the purpose of search engine optimization, in fact, for the user, rather than for the search engine itself.

Whether this is true, however, remains to be tested. Because some data said that the bigger the Yahoo page in Taiwan, the better.

5. Keyword density and keyword placement location

Take out your keywords and use them once in the following places:

* Title

* META Tags

* Bold keywords (that is, write your keywords and then add them to the bold)

* Italic keyword (is to write your keywords and then put him in italics)

* The top half of the page (the content of the page is compared to the previous place, suggest a title)

In addition, English words, the text should be smooth, pinyin to correct ...

6. External connection

Each content page because this connection brilliantly the key word's famous big station (this keyword theme website), should pay attention to is the connection way, must first write your keyword, then will this keyword direct connection to this platform.

7. Internal connection

Your site may have many kinds of content, please make sure that the same kind of content connected to each other, and different kinds of content do not connect each other. For example, connect the food page to the fruit page.

Why do you want to do this? The same kind of content internal connections allows Google's PageRank to pass through your Web pages. If you are only optimized for individual pages, what is likely to happen is that there are only a few pages in the site can be ranked forward, but do the internal connection, Can make each page ranking forward.

8. Website online

It is best not to use a virtual host, if you can have your own hosting server or fixed IP location is the best. Although Yahoo and Google claim they treat virtual hosts equally, they are concerned about the day they want to start adding the same host IP number to the formula.

In addition, the site is not known as a good site, do not let the site online, if you let your rotten site into the search engine, and was beaten low points, to let the score rise seems not so easy.

Then, add your own directory index, so at least your site is already in a search engine. If you have money, you can use search to quickly log in, which allows your site to enter the search engine within seven days. If there is no money, slowly waiting for the landing will be.

9. Record and track

Apply for a nice web counter (like Shanghai's quick DMA).

Of course the best way is to put a small program on the site, record search engine has not come, we can use Google provided by Google Webmaster Central,google to provide a variety of information about your site, such as when Google came to your site Ah, and so on, You can also use Google Webmaster to remind Google, your site has updated, please Google to come here.

10. Exchange Connection

With your keywords related to the site to do exchange links, preferably a day to add a new Exchange connection site.

11. Style

Try to maintain the style of your site, not to make a lot of things that look like rubbish.

12. Reverse Connection

If someone asks you for a connection, before you add a connection, please go to his website, see his Google PageRank, and so on, if the other is a rotten site, then why do you connect with him, reduce their style?

13. Promote your website

Send a letter to your friends, read a lot in a related forum, respond to a lot, and remember to put a website link in your signature file.

14. Read the Log

One or two months after the start of the site, you will start to discover the sites you've logged in before and start directing visitors. Check that these visitors come in through those keywords and look at the relationship between the keywords and what they really see. If they are looking for the real content of your site does not have, this time can be timely supplement the REAL keyword.

15. Pre-prepared content

We all know that it takes time for search engines to put your pages in the database, so when you know when to launch the event, we have to prepare ahead, so that when you officially launch, you will be able to achieve results.

16. Check Search engine

After a period of time, to check the search engine on the end there is no your site, if it does not appear, you can register again.

17. Create a new page of content every day

This is very important. In short, create a new page of content every day, and slowly build more quality content.

All in all, after completing these 17 steps, your site will surely succeed. Search engines will guide 500 to 2000 visitors a day to your site, and the number of pages viewed every day should also reach around 10,000. Thank me then!

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