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The end of 2013, we based on the past year's user access, exchange and sharing and the project itself update frequency and other aspects of the open source China's nearly 30,000 open source software statistics, so that the top 10 most popular open source software, for reference only.

The list is mainly for domestic open source software, the list of 10 open source software is not the same type, although put together is not very scientific. We only select from a few angles, including user access, software updates, and user discussion of the software.

1. Goagent

Goagent is a use of Python and Google App SDK written agent software, Goagent's original intention is to make up for gappproxy deficiencies

Development language: Python

Licensing Agreement: GPLV2

SOURCE Download: http://git.oschina.net/goagent/goagent

Software Author: @phuslu

Reasons to List: Can't say ...

2. Zen Road

Zen Road is the first domestic open source project management software, her core management idea is based on Agile method scrum, built-in product management and project management, at the same time, according to the domestic research and development status to complement the test management, planning management, release management, document management, transaction management and other functions, In a software can be in the software development of the requirements, tasks, bugs, use cases, planning, release and other elements of orderly tracking management, complete coverage of the core project management process.

Development language: PHP

Licensing Agreement: LGPL

SOURCE Download: Http://git.oschina.net/wwccss/zentaopms

Software Author: @ Mitral

Reasons to list: Both companies and individuals, there are a lot of users in the use of

3. jfinal

Jfinal is based on the Java language of the Fast WEB + ORM framework, its core design goals are rapid development, small amount of code, learning simple, powerful, lightweight, easy to expand, Restful. With all the advantages of the Java language, but also with Ruby, Python, PHP and other dynamic language development efficiency!

Development language: Java

Licensing protocol: Apache

SOURCE Download: http://git.oschina.net/jfinal/jfinal

Software Author: @JFinal

Reasons to List: More and more active, more discussion, and many edge products developed around the framework

4. Ztree

Ztree is using JQuery's core code to implement a tree plug-in that accomplishes most of the most common functions.

Compatible with IE, FireFox, Chrome and other browsers

Multiple tree instances can be generated in one page at a time

Support for JSON data

Supports one-time static generation and Ajax asynchronous loading in two ways

Support for multiple event responses and feedback

Nodes that support tree move, edit, delete

Support any change of skin/personalized icon (depending on CSS)

Supports extremely flexible checkbox or radio selection features

Simple parameter configuration to realize flexible and changeable function

Development language: JavaScript

Licensing Agreement: MIT

SOURCE Download: Http://git.oschina.net/zTree/zTree_v3

Software Author: @zTree

Reasons for listing: Numerous users, frequent updates

5. Kindeditor

Kindeditor is an open source online HTML editor, designed to allow users to get WYSIWYG editing on the site, and developers can replace the traditional multiline text input box (TEXTAREA) with Kindeditor with a visual rich text input box. Kindeditor is written using JavaScript, seamless integration with Java,. NET, PHP, ASP and other programs, more suitable for CMS, shopping malls, forums, blogs, wikis, e-mail and other Internet applications to use.

Development language: JavaScript

Licensing Agreement: LGPL

SOURCE Download: Http://git.oschina.net/luolonghao/kindeditor

Software Author: @Roddy

Reasons for Listing: Many users, frequent updates, actively compatible with the new browser

6. thinkphp

Thinkphp is a fast, simple object-oriented lightweight PHP development framework that follows the release of the Apache2 Open source protocol and is created for Agile Web application development and simplified enterprise application development. Thinkphp has been adhering to the concise and practical design principles since its inception, while maintaining excellent performance and simplicity of the code, but also focus on ease of use. With many original features and features, with the active participation of community teams, continuous optimization and improvement in ease of use, scalability and performance, and numerous typical cases to ensure stability for business and portal level development.

Development language: PHP

Licensing protocol: Apache

SOURCE Download: http://git.oschina.net/liu21st/thinkphp

Software Author: @ Fleeting

Reasons for listing: the use of a large number of domestic PHP framework, a lot of software based on this framework development

7. Echarts

Echarts Open source from Baidu Business front-end data visualization team, based on HTML5 Canvas, is a pure JavaScript chart library, providing intuitive, vivid, interactive, customizable data visualization chart. The innovative drag-and-drop weight calculation, Data View, domain roaming and other characteristics greatly enhance the user experience, giving users the ability to excavate and integrate data.

Development language: JavaScript

Licensing Agreement: MIT

SOURCE Download: Https://github.com/ecomfe/echarts

Software Author: @Kener-Feng

Reasons to List: More and more people are starting to try to use the chart library to discuss active

8. Druid

Druid is a JDBC component that includes three parts:

Druiddriver Agent driver can provide plug-in system based on Filter-chain mode.

Druiddatasource Efficient and manageable database connection pool.


Development language: Java

Licensing protocol: Apache

SOURCE Download: Http://git.oschina.net/wenshao/druid

Software Author: @wenshao

Reasons to list: From Ali's high-performance Java connection pool, providing SQL monitoring interface, powerful, very large number of users to discuss active

9. Tengine

Tengine is a Web server project initiated by Taobao. Based on the Nginx, it adds a lot of advanced features and features to the needs of the large scale Web site. Tengine performance and stability has been in large sites such as Taobao, Day Cat Mall and so got a good test. Its ultimate goal is to build an efficient, stable, secure, easy-to-use Web platform.

Development language: C

Licensing Agreement: BSD

SOURCE Download: Http://git.oschina.net/mirrors/tengine

Software Author: @shudu

Reasons for listing: from Taobao Nginx improved version, the domestic many Internet sites use


Pomelo is a high-performance, distributed game Server framework developed by NetEase based on Node.js, and also can be used as a high real-time Web application framework.

Application range of Pomelo

Pomelo the most suitable areas of application are web games, social games, mobile gaming services, and developers will find that pomelo can achieve strong scalability and scalability with so little code. Of course, not only the game, many people assert that the future of the Web age is a real-time Web application era, we found that the use of pomelo to develop high real-time web applications is also so appropriate, and scalability than other frameworks better. It is not recommended to use Pomelo for large MMO RPG game development, especially 3d games, or to support commercial engines like BigWorld.

Development language: JavaScript

Licensing Agreement: MIT

SOURCE Download: Https://github.com/NetEase/pomelo

Software Author: @ Shei

Reasons for listing: Very active discussion

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