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February 5 News, 2012, Enterprise Services in the field of start-up companies IPO rally, seems to herald in 2013, the trend will turn to b2b,b2b entrepreneurial light is fast beyond consumer-oriented, its business model is increasingly clear.

In the past, because of the large user base and high customer acceptance of consumer electric power company, it has attracted much attention from investors, such as rapid flow promotion, light mode, small volume and low operating cost, which is also the reason why the VCS value the consumption-type electricity quotient. However, in the 2012 years, a large number of homogeneous competition led to the overall loss of the business market, in the downturn in the economic market, the lack of investment support for the operators to start a large number of deaths, the corporate profit model began to be questioned by the industry.

Before the advent of the Chinese New Year in 2013, small and medium-sized electric dealers were fired a large number of layoffs, thousand goods network, Philharmonic Live, every day beautiful even gome online are not spared, the 2013 crisis of the official outbreak.

Foreign media predicts business-to-business to disperse the electric business winter

Some people expect that the 2013 electric business will continue in the winter, in fact, this worry is misplaced, investors have quietly shifted their investment focus to business-to-business. The forecast report shows that by the end of 2013, 80% of the technology companies submitting their IPO applications will be business-to-business.

"Corporate cloud software provider Workday rose 74% per cent on the first day of the IPO, becoming the biggest cloud computing company to date, and has become a strong competitor to Oracle," said Markendersen, a famous US investor quoted in the titanium media. Palo, network security device The successful listing of Alto NX and data analysis software developer Splunk (IBM's potential takeover earlier this year) has sparked continuing concern among investors who have been relatively low-key "big data" technology-oriented companies. Oracle, IBM and other big companies to strengthen their cloud computing business, but also stepped up the pace of acquisition of emerging growth enterprises. ”

Business-to-business reverse attack is a necessary development

In the past, the sudden reversal of business-to-business businesses that were not seen by investors has been driven by contingency trends in the development of electricity dealers, as well as the inevitability of commercial development. It reflects the trend of enterprise consumption in a large environment and the tendency of investors to pay more and more attention to the business model of electric business.

The company's service-type electric dealers in the past has not been optimistic about investors and the outside world, from the majority of enterprises in the procurement model is relatively conservative, narrow procurement scope, decision-making process complex and slow, the development of business-to-business in this area is greatly limited. However, with the development of intelligent electronic wave, the popularity of mobile electronic equipment, enterprises are increasingly affected by the trend of personal consumer market, down to the general staff to management, its preference for products and brands has greatly affected the company's procurement decisions. and the scope of product selection of enterprises is more and more wide generalization and grassroots, more receptive to new product concepts and procurement methods, which provide more entrepreneurial opportunities in the Enterprise services market, the most obvious example is the increasing number of companies tend to Apple and other popular products as the company's unified procurement of office supplies, Even many small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in the country began to turn the line, in the core city, such as industrial electrical goods manufacturers to carry out the procurement of raw materials.

In the last five years, with the development of mobile Internet, more and more entrepreneurial, small and medium-sized enterprises have sprung up, the Internet mobile phone alone has led to a large number of applications, including the development of electronic manufacturing companies, which has led to a more reverse-driven business-to-business boom. Anti-view consumer enterprises, the development of space is increasingly narrow, the market situation is not like the United States as a single big, is like China into a vicious competition of the state of stalemate.

Aside from the impetus of the intelligent wave, on the nature of business, the current general manufacturers to enter the threshold and operating threshold is too low, who can enter, the model depends on the product price difference of a single model to compete, so it will inevitably fall into the market chaos, enterprises can not realize the vicious circle of profit. And the special nature of business-to-business doomed not strong channel resources, deep industry experience and heavy background management system can not be online, so generally backed by the strong background of traditional enterprises and the establishment of the overall strength of the security. In addition to judge the quality of an enterprise service-type electricity quotient, in addition to price advantage, the most important thing is to see its professional production support capacity and programme-oriented services are in place, for corporate buyers, these value-added value is often too much product itself. These factors determine the high entry threshold for business-to-business, the relatively small market competition, but also determines its unit price higher, repeat the purchase rate higher, customer viscosity greater profitability.

The advent of the 3.0 era of industrial electrical products

In fact, both foreign and domestic, the traditional wholesale market e-commerce has become a trend, and some of the accumulation of deep traditional enterprises in the process of migration to the line, not only to solve their own deepening the development of the problem, but also to the innovative model to make up for the industry chain of the missing, the largest breakthrough in the emergence of industrial products in the electric business.

Branch through the core city is China's first self-electronic IC components, relying on China's largest IC components Distributor Branch Group. Compared to the branch of the group in the past direct docking ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo and other large enterprises, ComTech core City to see the recent years, small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurial enterprises rising momentum, but also see these small and medium-sized enterprises have long been unable to get the brand IC component manufacturers resources, quality assurance and support services, So the main business of online business-to-business is to serve SMEs.

Although there are a lot of manufacturers of industrial products serving SMEs, but more to the platform mode of operation, such as China Chemical Network, HC network, although focus on different areas, but the pattern is still not the same as Alibaba, are open platform to attract different businesses, so that SMEs customers themselves on the platform to identify businesses and product information. Although this way to a certain extent, speed up the industry chain information flow rate, but the enterprise customers spend on the identification of product information on the cost has not been reduced, the credibility of the business and product quality can not be guaranteed, small and medium-sized buyers are still unable to obtain their own production needs of the program-oriented services. and Branch Tong Core City pioneered IC components proprietary mode, not only through the group channel to ensure product quality, but also the 20 background accumulation, including logistics, warehousing, technical support, after-sales service after the standardization of services to provide small and medium-sized enterprises, the real realization of the "one-stop" solution services, Help SMEs optimize production processes and supply chain management.

Facts have proved that, compared to the vast number of information on the platform or offline stores, channel assurance and additional services of the proprietary online model is indeed more SMEs praise. This model even help more in the past can not butt small and medium-sized customers upstream manufacturers to broaden the channel, and thus attract more channel resources, and then reverse attract more downstream customer attention, so as to achieve a virtuous circle of the entire industrial chain, so the department of the core City on-line one year turnover has been close to 1 billion, the explosive

If said to Alibaba, HC NET, etc. as the representative of Industrial Products information platform is 1.0 times, Alipay, network Shing Business Treasure and other Third-party online payment platform of the rise of the 2.0 era, then to branch through the core city, Sinopec Yi Jie Network led by the industrial products of the self-employed electricity dealers have no doubt opened the 3.0 era of industrial electrical goods. Industrial self-electric dealers have broken the low threshold and disorderly development of the light power business model, so that the electricity dealers back to the original heavy commercial nature, the core value of the enterprise back to the value of service and industry chain.

Although economists predict that the 2013 economic downturn is likely to continue, the investment in reducing the electricity business has become a certainty, but from foreign VCs to the business-to-business boom and the innovation of domestic industrial manufacturers, we see business-to-business to disperse the winter hope.

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