2014 large data applications will become mainstream in the enterprise

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January 13 News, according to foreign media reports, IDG last week released 3721.html ">2014 year large Data Enterprise survey and forecast." According to the survey, the average expenditure on large data-related projects by large enterprises in 2014 was 8 million dollars.

The survey also found that 70% of large companies have deployed or are planning to deploy large data-related projects and plans. The main points of the 2014 IDG Enterprise Data Research Report are provided here. The purpose of the study includes a better understanding of the organization's large data plans, investments and strategies. Highlights of this report include:

Large enterprise organizations in 70% have deployed or are planning to deploy large data projects. and 6% of small and medium-sized enterprises have deployed or planned to deploy large data projects.

· In 2014, large enterprises will invest an average of 8 million dollars for projects and plans related to large data.

74% respondents predicted that large data would become mainstream applications at least in one business unit or department.

• The most important success factors in driving large data applications are: Identify the business areas and processes where large data can have the greatest impact (37% of respondents say); Ensure that human capital is available to effectively get value from large data plans (29%); Ensure that storage, computing, and network resources can support large data plans (25%).

• The four main areas that currently drive investment in large data programs are: improving the quality of decision-making processes (59%), speeding up decision making (53%), improving planning and Forecasting (47%), developing new products/services and revenue Sources (47%).

• The current five main aspects of large data investments are: storage (49%), Server (47%), cloud Infrastructure (4%), Discovery and Analysis (43%), and Application (42%). The following figure shows the timetable for each area's investment plan.

• Employment opportunities for companies that use large data are bright. As shown in the figure, 19% of respondents plan to hire data programmers over the next 12-18 months, and then hire Business Analytics, data analysis, engineers, and data architects.

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